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Face Off: Rachel Weisz vs. Marion Cotillard

11.30.2015by: Droz

Like some of you, I was kinda surprised to see how thoroughly dominant Hayley Atwell was when put up against Mary Elizabeth Winstead last week. Sure, Hayley does have everything good in womanhood going for her, but MEW is no slouch there either. I expected a far closer match. Clearly I underestimated the appeal of Ms. Atwell.

We've got another English hottie going up against a foreign rival this week. British babe Rachel Weisz has her movie YOUTH vying for attention with fine, French hottie Marion Cotillard's MACBETH adaptation. Two of my favorite exotic, European actresses here from two of my favorite countries - England and France. Deciding between them presents something of a Hundred Years War situation for me. I'm not sure who has my loyalties on that one, but I'm sure you folks will once again pick a clear winner here.So which side of the Channel are you on here?


An interesting aspect about Rachel I've come to understand over the years is that the older she gets, the more appreciative I am of her looks. Back in her STEALING BEAUTY/CHAIN REACTION days, I found her cute but not amazing or anything. Then gradually, as the years progressed, Rachel started getting more and more appealing to me. By the time she did ENEMY AT THE GATES, I was totally smitten. Nothing has changed since then.

On the other hand, we got Marion. I first saw her many years ago in the French TV movie CHLOE and was instantly transfixed. She does a number of things in that particular movie that draw the eye. Yet the spectacle of a barely 20-year-old Marion looking like the most perfectly conceived French hottie straight out of a Louvre painting is the stuff of instant memory formation. Just as with Rachel, the years have yet to dull my fascination with Marion's beauty.


More critical folks might point out that neither of these two are as they were in their days of youthful tightness back in the 90s. None of us are. However, for women in their early to mid 40s, I'd argue that these two are still a damn sight better shaped than most in their age range and many far younger. Granted, that's a requirement of their chosen careers, but that doesn't make being in such good shape any less impressive.

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There are all the obvious visual traits that make these two the undisputed hotties they are. For me there's an extra added bonus in that they are so beautiful and yet so cool with letting all the good things normally kept under wraps, out into the light of day. Kind of reminds me of getting that woman you've been dating for awhile out of her clothes for the first time. Only somewhat more familiar, since both Rachel and Marion have a long track record of getting naked on screen.


We haven't seen as much of Rachel lately as we have in years past. After first becoming Mrs. James Bond, Rachel seemed content to take a back seat for awhile. But she seems to be making a comeback as of late, with a whole slew of new movies ready to come out. As for the back catalog, Rachel can brag on an Oscar for her efforts there, not to mention a number of great movies. Not bad at all.

After doing a once over of the major events in the careers of both these women, I can't come up with a clear front runner between the two of them. Marion has herself an Oscar as well, for what that's worth. She's also got a whole slew of movies, both big and small, blockbuster and art house, which over the years have helped make her a big star. Like everything else going on in this Face Off, I enjoy Marion's work just as much as Rachel's.


Another dead heat for me on these two. Sure, I think they're both great, but in this case it feels we're dealing with two hotties who stand equally matched in so many ways. In a perfect world we could just break out the jello and the kiddie pool and settle this. But we don't live in that world. So I leave it for you to decide.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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