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Face Off: Penélope Cruz vs. Mónica Cruz

01.14.2013by: Droz

Our last Face Off between Kate Mara and Rooney Mara saw Rooney take the win by only a handful of votes. I'm still more of a Kate guy myself. I dig her personality and I love that hair. Rooney is cute in her natural form, but she's going to be showing up all fake-inked with that shit on her face and no eyebrows for some time to come, which isn't for me. Rooney is great in the Lizbeth Salander role and she does have a certain hotness about her, despite all she has to do to herself for it. Still, the more I see her that way the less I like it.

We got more famous hottie sisters this week in the form of Penélope Cruz and Mónica Cruz. Both sultry daughters of Spain, these two present a bit of a challenge in that they're pretty much identical, at least from the outside. Similar faces, similar bodies, they could easily pass for twins, even though Penélope has 3 years on her sister. Being so similar, the question becomes how to decide which Cruz sister is the hotter hottie? I have no idea, but let's give it a shot anyway.


Something about Penélope's face has never really worked for me. I wouldn't call her ugly and there is no one thing that stands out about her looks that strikes me as unacceptable or inferior. Rather, it's more of an overall aspect of her that doesn't do as much for me, despite many other folks' assertions that she's a knockout. Maybe she is the beauty they say she is and I'm just misguided, but I'm casting my vote elsewhere anyway.

Bit tough to say that Mónica is all that better than her sister, since they look so similar. There is enough of a difference for me to hand Mónica the advantage here. Her slightly softer features are more to my liking, even though like her sister, it's difficult to point to any one feature that makes her stand out. Trying to find a difference between the two may come down to nitpicking, but I can't deny that Mónica's face works better for me.


Here's one area where I'm unable to draw a definitive line between these clearly similar sisters - not that I didn't try. I went through several pics of the two in various attire, but I could find little difference between them. Actually, it's rather amazing how closely these two developed body wise. It's not often that you see two individually produced people, born years apart, develop so similarly. Bit of a genetic wonder I would think. Someone should do a study.

← What he said.


She may not be doing as much for me in the beauty category, but it's tough to ignore Penélope's obvious sexual intensity. Maybe it's her accent or that special quality most Spanish people have of being intensely sexual by their very nature, but the woman knows how to bring the sultry hotness when it's called for. It's usually enough to make me forget any petty issues I might have with her looks. If only we could all have that effect on people.

Being as similar as they are, it's no surprise that Mónica is similarly inclined in the hotness department. I haven't seen as much of her sexy skills as far as the movies go. Her acting gigs are mostly in European productions, few of which have made it across the pond to American cineplexes. Still, girl is going great guns as a model and just like her sister, her hotness potential is pretty much implied by nature.


Penélope's career is much bigger than her sister's, thus making her more familiar to folks like myself, who's experience with foreign films is, to put it kindly, limited. While Penélope is more prolific, I don't find her to be much of an actress. She seems to play the testy bitch in a lot of her movies - which doesn't endear her to me much, even if it does seem to get her a lot more work than her sister.

As I said above, I haven't seen much or any of Mónica's acting work, though she's clearly doing spectacular work as a model, as any Google Image search will tell you. Still, I've got a lot more experience with Penélope's body of work.


Being as similar as they are, it's not a surprise that these two finish with a tie for me. Though I'm kind of partial to Mónica's looks, it's pretty clear that Penélope has the more substantial career and they both have that inherent hotness potential. So I guess that means they cancel each other out? I don't know. I'll let you folks figure it out.

That's my non-choice. Which one do you prefer?


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