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Face Off Oscar Edition: Naomi Watts vs. Jennifer Lawrence

02.25.2013by: Droz

More of you were into newcomer model Barbara Palvin over her big time competition Kate Upton in last week's Face Off, although by only a few votes. Isn't that just like Kate, always dividing opinion. I know the Kate haters are usually sick of her and while I generally disagree with you on that, I can understand why all the recent media bombardment of Kate stuff has reached your last nerve. So I promise not to post anything of her for at least a week, with the understanding if any Upton titties come out during my watch, that shit is totally going up on the site.

Well it's Oscar time...again. This year we got two hotties in the running for the big prize of Best Actress, young whippersnapper Jennifer Lawrence and MILF old guard Naomi Watts. You might be asking yourself now how we can compare two hotties where one is twice the age of the other. The most obvious answer is that they're up for the award this year, so that's who we're comparing. That being said, we're also not going to subscribe to any ageism here. I'm sure you'll agree that there are plenty of older women who can easily outdo a 20-something for hotness. The question before us today is whether this particular older Oscar nominee can defeat her younger competitor. I guess that's up to you. So let's figure out who is the sexier Best Actress Oscar hottie of 2013.


Despite the fact that she was born in England to English parents, Naomi has epitomized the beauty of Australian women since breaking on the scene 20 years ago. Normally I'm not much for the blondes, but I have to acknowledge that Naomi has always been quite the disarming beauty. Maybe it's her combination of the best in English and Australian people that makes her so much my thing, as those are two parts of the world that churn out some lovely ladies. No matter where she's from, Naomi remains one of the most beautiful actresses out there.

We've discussed the issues I have with Jennifer's looks before. I hesitate to call my feelings "issues" like it means I think she's ugly. It's not so much that she's ugly. You just have to catch her in the right light and from the right angle. It's not even an issue of whether she's made up or not. She can be beautiful without hardly any make up. Frankly, I've given up trying to figure out what my beef is with her looks. All I know is that being so persnickety about it tends to give her the back seat when compared to other hotties.


That's a 44-year-old body right there. Not bad, considering that she's also a mother of two. One has to appreciate that kind of resilience, as most people have pretty much succumbed to the ravages of fat accumulation and skin sagging by her age. Normally I'd be inclined to give her the vote here, if only to acknowledge such a persistent hotness, but my liking for her competitor's body is just slightly more substantial.

Some would look at Jen's body and think she's out of shape or just not as toned as Naomi. While exercise regimens and diet may be an issue, I think the differences between them come down to matters of innate body shape. Jennifer is just naturally curvy and thicker where Naomi is more inclined toward a trim, less curvaceous body style. Given the choice between the two, I'm inclined toward the curvy side, but that's just me.


It's been pretty clear from the start that Naomi was quite the sexy creature, but I've never seen her as someone who is particularly comfortable trying to play that role. I've seen her focusing much more of her efforts toward her work as an actress. Any need to reinforce her perception as an image of desire comes second to that. Of course, her sex symbol status persists despite her interest in it. Still, I kinda like it when they can play both parts with equal enthusiasm.

I get the impression that Jennifer is sneaky with her hotness. She seems to understand the power of what she's got by nature and is ready to exploit her hotness to get the industry buzz that grants her the juicy parts. The best part of that situation is that in addition to being hot, she's also very talented as an actress. That gives her a further advantage that other merely hot actresses can't match. In other words, Jen's got body and ability. I like that about her.


This is one of those situations where having more years behind you can be an advantage. Naomi simply has had more time to build up a celebrated career as an actress and everything that comes with that. Kind of hard to argue with 20 years spent making over 50 movies and some of the biggest names in the business. Have to give recognition to that kind of tenure.

I have no doubt Jennifer will have similar success as an actress in the coming decades. At just 22, she's already equaled Naomi for Oscar nominations for Best Actress and will exceed Naomi's Academy honors if she wins tonight. No doubt much more celebrated work lies ahead for Jennifer. It wouldn't surprise me at all if she's the biggest ticket in town by the time she's reached Naomi's age.

Gown Goodness

Everyone looks great at these things and I don't know anything about fashion, so I'm not going to get into who looked better in their Gucci dress or their Prada dress. There's no way I'm degenerating into Joan Rivers. Between these two, I was hotter for Jennifer in her white number. So she wins.

Gotta admit that I wasn't really holding out hope for the competition in this category. If there's one thing Jennifer can do better than acting, it's cleaning up nice for something snazzy like the Oscars. This year she's ditched the boob-heavy dresses for something a bit more classy. I wont say that's not a disappointment, but she looked amazing anyway.


There you go, Jennifer Lawrence is the sexiest Best Actress nominee of 2013. Too bad Jessica Chastain is going to smoke them both.

Edit: So much for my predictive abilities. Congrats, Jen!

There's my choice. Which one is yours?


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