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Face Off: Olivia Wilde vs. Alexandra Daddario

08.19.2013by: Droz

We had a clear winner last time around in the way of Amber Heard over her opponent Lyndsy Fonseca by a 18 to 13 vote. That was surprising to me. I figured that one as a tie game for sure.

Perhaps this week's match will challenge your decision-making skills. Those of you who read my posts here know that I'm a sucker for any woman with a beautiful set of eyes. They can persuade me to do pretty much anything. Surveying our hottie vaults for an ideal example of such beautiful eyes turns up a lot of ladies. Up until a few months ago, I would have pointed to longtime site favorite Olivia Wilde as possessor of two of the finest peepers. However, plucky upstart Alexandra Daddario has begun to make a claim for Olivia's sexy eyes crown, thanks to a couple new movies for which she's done some incredible red carpet appearances lately. So let's put it to a vote. In a choice between lovely-eyed beauties, are you down for Olivia's already established hotness? Or is it Alexandra's new vision that draws your eye? Let's see about it.


Dammit! I really didn't want to make this category a tie, but it is by far the toughest call for me to make here. These two ladies have got different things happening with their looks, but I enjoy them both fairly equally anyway. Olivia has got those bedroom eyes and a much sleeker, angular facial structure which has always given her a unique quality amidst a population of hotties usually content to be exact copies of one another. That makes a hottie like Olivia, who's not afraid to stand out, very appealing to me.

Alexandra is a lovely woman with a softer, more delicate structure to her face, making her a little different than Olivia. However, she's also got a rare quality about her which comes mostly from those HUGE, pale blue eyes of hers. You just don't see eyes like those everyday. Eyes of such depth and size seem more at home on exotic jungle cats than anything a human possesses by nature. They fascinate me just looking at them in pics on the web. I can't even imagine what it must be like to gaze into them or be gazed at by them in real life.


Olivia usually maintains a very fit and trim body. Sometimes I think she takes that a little too far though. When she slims down a lot it reduces her body way too much and gives her a bony quality that doesn't work for me. Olivia is always going to be a lovely woman regardless of her size, but as with most any woman, I tend to think a few modest curves here and there is the more appealing way to be.

So yeah, I love the eyes, but not to the exclusion of everything else. Venturing downward on Alexandra reveals even more sensual delights in the form of her well appointed accommodations. Girl has got one hell of a beautiful body, with plenty of those great curves I just talked about over in Olivia's column. She's peeled down to minimal clothing before, but I do hope she's not opposed to some full on nudity. I suspect there are wonderful things waiting for us there.


There are a lot of ways for hotties to project their hotness out into the world. Some do it merely by the sight of their bodies or face. Some have a quality about their personality that makes them hot. Then you got others who emit an aura of hotness that radiates out from them like an invisible wave of energy. Olivia does all those things. She's beautiful and she's a really cool person, but I suspect it's that energy she puts out there that really gets hearts pumping. Beyond her obvious looks and cool nature, there's just something about her that drives you wild.

Alexandra's hotness happens a little different from Olivia, but I like it just as much. She's got the visual part locked up, that's for sure. She's also got a sweetness about her that's appealing to me, with a big, happy grin and a pleasant vibe. Where Olivia seems like someone who could give you the best night of your life, Alexandra is like the girl you meet, fall for and eventually either marry or at least date for awhile. Between them it's the difference between a quick burn versus a slower burn, but the result is still the same - hotness.


It feels like Alexandra and Olivia are of different ages, but in reality there is only a couple years between them. Olivia has done a lot more with her career in her 29 years though. She established herself on TV for years, giving us all fond memories of her lesbian adventures as Thirteen on House. She's also got herself in a potential movie franchise now, providing they actually do get around to putting out another TRON movie. Until then, she's doing plenty of big and modest movies alike. Clearly Olivia is in high demand in a lot of different ways.

Alexandra also started out in TV, doing soaps at first and then branching out into one off roles and eventually starring roles on various shows. Now she's got her own movie franchise in the way of the PERCY JACKSON movies. She's working on a budding career, but she's not quite at the near A-list like Olivia. I'd like to see her take on some more mature roles that don't involve lighting bolts or guys with chainsaws. Maybe something where she gets to wear some really hot outfits that she eventually removes in the course of the movie so that she can get better acquainted with a stripper pole or even another hottie.


It says a lot about Alexandra Daddario that she can show up on my radar just a few months ago and already she's caught herself right up to my longstanding fascination, Olivia Wilde. I don't know if that's simply Olivia's dominance in the top of my favorite hotties list putting a halt to an upstart's upward momentum, or if Alexandra really has that much juice with me now. Whatever it is, the eye magic these two are concocting makes it too tough for me to pick a winner between them. Maybe you folks can do better.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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