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Face Off: Olivia Munn vs. Lauren Cohan

01.11.2016by: Droz

I'm gonna go ahead and assume that it was just a given that Alexandra Breckenridge is way hotter than Natalie Dormer in just about every way. That's how I saw it anyway and apparently how you saw it too. So we're in agreement. That's hardly ever the case.

Olivia Munn has her RIDE ALONG sequel coming out this week. Then next week Lauren Cohan will be messing with the entirely natural fear of big, creepy-looking dolls in THE BOY. Creepy and/or dumb movies aside, both Olivia and Lauren have made of themselves severely hot icons of desire with many devoted fans. Now it's just a matter of deciding which highly desired hottie the group desires more.. Easier said than done, but let's give it a try.


Eurasian hotties with freckles are one of my weaknesses. Had I one of them in my life, they would easily command me in all things. That being the case, you'd think Olivia would be right up there on my list of the most beautiful faces. She's not though. I've tried to figure out what it is about her I don't seem to click with, but it's way too intermittent for me to understand. I find her gorgeous one moment, then not so much the next. I don't know why that happens. It just does.

I first saw Lauren as Chuck's on again, off again nemesis on Chuck. Despite her character's flirtations with evilness, she was clearly gorgeous and hard to root against. About that same time she started on The Walking Dead, which is what really clenched it for most of us on Lauren's looks. Despite being almost constantly covered in filth or zombie guts, she still manages to look gorgeous. If that's not true beauty, then I don't know what is.


My confusing issues with Olivia's looks aside, one thing I think we can all agree on is that she's got one of the most killer bodies that's ever been. Perfectly proportioned and toned to a rock hard state, maybe the best part about her bod is how often she feels compelled to show it off. Despite her successes and steady climb up the Hollywood ladder, Olivia always keeps that figure of hers front and center.

It's possible Lauren might be taking ques from Olivia's playbook when it comes to showing off her bod. Despite whatever she may be doing with her acting, Lauren still understands the value of the the T&A shows. For those desiring a better understanding of where Lauren stands on this topic, just reference her time as an underwear model. That's a profession understandably demanding of hot bodies. Yet as you can see in the link above, Lauren took that gig to new levels of hotness. And she's still doing so today.


I can't begin to count all the individual moments of hotness Olivia has given us over the years on her various shows, movies and elsewhere. Once a hottie gets to a point in her career where she and sexy moments become synonymous, it becomes more and more difficult to argue against them here. In other words, girl always makes magic happen here.

I feel kinda bad about voting against Lauren here, as she so very good at turning on the hotness. There's no question Lauren is a right sexy creature. It's only the overwhelming tide of hottie moments Olivia has handed down as the cornerstone of her career, that outdoes Lauren in this case. Other than that, Lauren's claims to hotness go entirely undisputed by me.


I've sometimes wondered why Olivia has the kind of career she has. After all, she's not the best actress I ever saw. Some folks have even been a little irritated with how she's risen to fame. Once synonymous with geekdom thanks to her eye candy gig on the now defunct Attack of the Show, she eventually abandoned that rep for a more mainstream career, only to resume making appeals to the geeks later on. Controversy or cred aside, the girl has made a steady climb, which will be realized in its fullest later this year when the new X-MEN movie comes out. Deserved or not, you can't deny the significance of a gig like that.

Lauren is a better actress than Olivia and I've enjoyed her roles more than Olivia's. Yet for some reason Lauren lags behind Olivia in this category. It shouldn't be that way, but it is nonetheless. I suppose TWD would have been a great jumping off point to bigger things, has Lauren been so inclined. But then it's probably quite tempting to rest on one's laurels once you make it more than a couple seasons on that show. Even if Lauren isn't as wide spread as Olivia, I place more significance on her and her character Maggie than anything Olivia has done. So for me, Lauren is the winner here, even if she isn't.


Two very fine hotties here, worthy of a toss up. However, I give Olivia's somewhat wider reach the respect it deserves. Other than that, these two stand as equally matched and formidable hotties.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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