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Face Off: Olga Kurylenko vs. Irina Shayk

04.20.2015by: Droz

More of you were into Renee Olstead than Debby Ryan in last week's Face Off. Yeah, you saw those nude pics too, didn't you? They were persuasive.

This week sees Olga Kurylenko in Russell Crowe's sweeping WWI epic THE WATER DIVINER, playing a Turkish hottie. In reality she's a Ukrainian hottie, one of many unbelievably beautiful and built models that nation gifts to the world. They're very much like Russia in that respect, which is a place where you can find stunning creatures like Irina Shayk all over the place. Too bad those nations can't find any common ground in their mutually beautiful women, but if they want to fight, they should do so as a means of figuring out which of them has the hotter hotties. With that perspective in mind, who do you got in this new battlefront in the war between Ukraine and Russia? Pick a side below.


Olga's is the face I think about when I picture women from her part of the world. She's even got the name you'd expect a woman from those parts to have. I find it fascinating how she can't be easily associated with any one place. She's not Northern European blonde, not Southern Mediterranean bronze, not Asian or African, but a conglomeration of many different people put together. One day, when our borders blur and our attitudes toward one another progress, everyone will look like Olga. That's gonna be one seriously gorgeous planet.

Irina also looks like she could be from anywhere, with an extra dose of exotic that's intoxicating. Actually, Irina comes from the central part of Russia and not far from Kazakhstan, where roads have crossed and people have been moving and migrating and intermingling for thousands of years. It's such jumbled up humanity that's produced beauties like Irina. I've never been to where she comes from, but if one can find more women like Irina there, I definitely need to go.


Olga started out a model and occasionally returns to that gig from time to time. That understandably requires that she maintain a modicum of perfection in her frame. I'm particularly fascinated with her butt. It's not especially big or round or standout in a conspicuous way. It's just cute, very much like her. It's also not hard to get an unimpeded look at her butt, which is also nice.

Irina once put a moratorium on nudity, but thankfully she's eased off on that rule over the years. Girl is just as nicely built as Olga, maybe even better. She's got the good sense to keep herself well rounded in all the right places. which seems to be the new thing for models nowadays. That trendsetting sensibility makes hers one of my favorite bikini/lingerie bodies out there today.


Olga and Irina are beautiful and built, which is good enough for hotness. Being models takes them to another level here, for as we know, it's a gig that rewards showing off one's hotness with rather large wads of cash. Sure, actresses or pop stars might do that too, but you rarely get anything more than a little skin from them. On the other hand, Olga and Irina can make even the most mundane of image searches into a virtual titty bar experience. Sounds hot to me.

← That says it all.


Olga started out as one of the better models and then became a fairly decent actress with prime gigs in a number of big movies and shows. I don't know if she's gonna ever be a prize-winning thespian, but I don't mind when she shows up in things. Not the highest praise I guess, but certainly way better than my sentiments for many of her contemporaries in the acting biz.

Irina has dabbled in a little acting recently, but she's still primarily a model. That's not a bad thing. Irina is one of the more prominent and in demand models out there right now. She's also very good at what she does. However, where overall talent and experience are concerned, I think Olga supersedes her.


I do love the Eastern European babes and these are two of the finest in that lot. Olga's success as an actress gives her an advantage for me, but in pretty much every other way I like them both the same.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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