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Face Off: Olga Kurylenko vs. Emily Blunt

04.15.2013by: Droz

It was Eva Mendes over Rosario Dawson by the tiniest of margins in last week's Face Off. 16 to 14, that's pretty slim. They're some pretty hot women those two, I can see your dilemma. I guess it's good then that most of us will never have to face a situation where we would have to chose between them. Actually, no, that's not good at all. In fact, that's very depressing and sad.

We got the first summer 2013 movie coming out this week in the way of apocalyptic sci-fi movie OBLIVION, starring Tom Cruise and one half of this week's Face Off, Olga Kurylenko. Damn, that Tom Cruise gets all the fine women for his leading ladies. Do I really need to go down the list from the last 30 years? It's crazy how many hotties he's worked with, but then again it is Tom Cruise. Guy's been making the ladies scream and cream for decades. In fact, Tom's already finished shooting on his next summer movie for 2014, another sci-fi epic called ALL YOU NEED IS KILL starring himself and Emily Blunt. Two back to back hottie costars sounds like a good opportunity for comparison on which of Tom's latest lead actresses stand as the hotter choice in Cruise leading lady. So which one do you got?


I hear there are entire cities in the part of the world where Olga comes from (Ukraine) quite literally packed with gorgeous women. You walk down the street and you're surrounded by hottie after hottie who could easily match any of the millionaire fashion models of the world. It's difficult to believe that such a place exists. Then again, women as beautiful as Olga have to come from somewhere. Makes sense that it's the place with the highest concentration of perfect female beauty on the whole planet.

Speaking of parts of the world where beautiful women come from. England has produced its fair share of gorgeous women as well. Emily embodies that characteristic austere quality that exemplifies many of the most beautiful ladies from that country. She looks like something that stepped out of an 18th century portrait hanging on the wall of an old English manor. She's so beautiful, it's almost a contradiction to see her walking around in street clothes. She should be wearing expensive jewelry and draped in finery.


I like Olga's more curvier body just a tad bit more than Emily's. Olga's always had herself a nicely rounded body, at least in the key areas (ass and boobs). She doesn't go overboard in either of those key areas either. Just like in the beauty category, everything is where it should be and in the right proportions on Olga. In other words, she's just right.

I hate to make the suggestion that there's anything wrong with Emily's body. Her body is gorgeous and she's always been as trim as anyone could ever want. Lately she's gotten even more fit for her role in ALL YOU NEED IS KILL. If I have any gripe at all, it's that she's maybe a little too trim. I don't mind a fit body, but I like it when there's a little something left to grab onto somewhere. It's a minor yet persistent criticism.


So we've established that Olga is beautiful and has a great body. Tack on the fact that she's not above getting naked for her various productions and you've got another reason to love Olga. She get's nude in her movies, nude in her TV shows, nude in her modelling gigs. She's naked all over the place. I see that OBLIVION has a little nudity in it as well. Olga hotness strikes again?

Emily has stripped down a few times in her movies, though not as often as Olga has. That's not the only means of defining a hottie's hotness though. It seems to me that if you like the whole of them and what they do, then they're hot. Some hotties might have beauty, but they hold it back. Others might not be as hot as others, but they put more effort in. Emily is the third category who don't have to try to be hot. They just are. They can't help it.


I feel like I have to give special emphasis to any hottie who stands amidst the exalted few who enjoy Bond Girl status. Sure, QUANTUM OF SOLACE wasn't the best Bond movie, but it wasn't the worst either. At least she went above and beyond the variety of Bond Girl who just stands there and looks pretty. I also enjoy her in her Starz show Magic City, which has done a lot to prove she has the chops and can deliver fine performances when called upon to do so. On top of all that, I'm usually always smitten with pretty much every magazine spread she does. I guess all that means I like her.

Like Olga, Emily has had her hit & misses or stuff that I liked mostly because she was in it. Though she's had a run of good stuff lately, with movies like THE FIVE YEAR ENGAGEMENT, THE MUPPETS and LOOPER. I'm not sure what to think of ALL YOU NEED IS KILL. I think they need a better title, that's for sure. Cruise and Blunt are unusual casting choices also, considering that it's based on a Japanese novel, with Japanese characters. It might be good. It might be a disaster waiting to happen. Too soon to say. Either way, I'm sure Emily will look great in it.


Olga manages a win here, but only by the slimmest of margins. Overall, these are both sumptuous women who fit right in amidst the pantheon of beauties who've stood alongside Cruise in the past. Could be trouble for them though. Tom's on the prowl for a new wife and he's not above courting his costars for that position. Emily and Olga would do well to be cautious. Such things haven't turned out well for those hotties who chanced it in the past.

That's where I'm at. Where are you?


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