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Face Off: Nina Dobrev vs. Victoria Justice

01.06.2014by: Droz

There may have been an ever so slight win for Eva Green over Emily Blunt in last week's Face Off, but since it was only by about one vote, I'd consider that too close a call. So I'm going to assume you're all as evenly split as I am on those two and leave it at that.

Speaking of similar hotties, this week's Face Off challenge brings two more ladies I wouldn't blame someone for mixing up. After all, Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice are approximately aged, have very similar looks and have somewhat similar careers well known to a specific demographic of young people. Being so alike should make it rather difficult to select one of these two brunette lovelies as better of the two. But, let's see what we can do.


We start off as usual by looking at two very similar faces, given a bit of a different spin by each of these ladies. Nina's approach tends to be a little more glamorous, very much in line with that whole cosmetics ad style of beauty. That's not a criticism. More of an observation. I don't have a problem with how Nina styles herself. She's clearly beautiful. Sure, having seen her with and without such a look, it's my feeling that she doesn't really need to do that. However, I can't deny that it's working for her.

Obviously we're talking about overall impressions here. Just like most any other person, how these two look can vary according to the situation. That being said, it seems to me that Victoria prefers a more natural look. I don't often see her wearing a lot of heavy or obvious make up. She understands that she's already blessed with a remarkable natural beauty, which doesn't need all that much help from extensive make up application. Good on Victoria for recognizing that fact and quite often acting appropriately.


I can't make a call on the bodies these two own either. As you can see they are both very fit, with remarkably similar frames - the highlight being those beautiful butts, something I'm particularly fond of about these two. I also love how they wear bikinis. Sadly neither has gone too far beyond candid bikini pics thus far. That last part kind of sucks, but it's still a very close one here.

← That.


I find both these girls just as hot as the other and thus am unable to make a call here either. However, they do differ in their approach to delivering the sexual energy. While Victoria tends to be all about the causal t-shirt and jeans look, Nina takes a much more glamorous tact, with designer clothes that help give her that movie star look. Is that a bad thing? Certainly not. These are different approaches, but in the end the hotness all comes out in the wash.

The means by which Victoria brings the hotness is by a no doubt carefully crafted combination of sexy and sweet. She's got that cute face I talked about above, usually supplemented with an adorable smile. Then you check out the rest of her and find it more often than not squeezed into something tight and sexy, showing off all those fantastic features she's sporting beyond that sweet face. It's a very effective approach.


That'll do →

Nina and Vicky are doing different and similar stuff with their fame nowadays. Nina has her Vampire Diaries show and seems to have her eyes set on movies, while Victoria is concentrating on her singing career and also has ambitions to do movies. They're both former child stars who the years have gradually moved away from former kid show fame. They also both still appeal to and are most readily recognized by a much younger audience. So in that sense, I think they pretty much even out career wise.


Damn, another split decision. Have I lost my critical edge? I don't know. Nina and Victoria have much more in common than not, so perhaps I can't be faulted for being unable to choose between them. Maybe youse guys can pick a winner here.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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