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Face Off: Nina Dobrev vs. Emmanuelle Chriqui

09.01.2014by: Droz

Looked like Amy Adams took the win in last week's Face Off against Isla Fisher. I wont debate the group determination there. Amy is something special. However, for sheer sex appeal, I'm still all about Isla.

It's a well known fact that Emmanuelle Chriqui and Nina Dobrev have an uncanny similarity, despite having no known blood relationship. Nina's roots are in Eastern Europe, Emmanuelle's in the Middle East. No doubt some quirk of genetics has made these two look like long lost sisters. So there's the poser for the week. How do you compare two near identical women? Let's give it a shot.


That says it all.→

Pretty uncanny, isn't it? I wonder if there's ever a time when one of them have occasion to get a little butt hurt over the other stealing their act in some magazine spread or whatever. What's even more amazing is that you got over 10 years separating these ladies. Clearly their genetics have predisposed them both to similarities and graceful aging. Could they be any more perfect?


This was a tough one, as Nina has such a beautiful body. Always has really. I'm especially fond of her whole midsection. Something very right about how she's put together there. I fancy her even more now that she's thickened up a bit. I'm still going with Emmanuelle though. As good as Nina is, Emma is even better.

Look at that woman - wow. What fantastical adventures await any lucky bastard who gets his grubby hands on that heaven sent accumulation of sexy. Emma is simply a knockout in this area, so perfectly put together I find it difficult to come up with terminology that could adequately describe her. She's just too good for words.


I hear the guy who took this pic of Nina and put it on Instagram got in a little trouble over it. Apparently she didn't know about it. I'm thankful to that guy anyway, despite his social media faux pas. You couldn't do a better job of laying out the self explanatory case for Nina's hotness as this one image does. I sure hope there's another insensitive person around to document the next time Nina loses something in her car.

Of course, Emma ain't no slouch when it comes to the sexy either. She's laid out a whole smorgasbord of hotness all across the Web over the years, much of it choice material. Both these ladies know what they're doing here, therefore I shall judge them the same.


I guess if I tried I could probably come up with a way of voting one better than the other here, but it wouldn't be honest. I'm not a fan of The Vampire Diaries or Entourage, two shows both these ladies are most well known for. I'm also unable to muster excitement for a lot of other things they've done. I'm sure they're both perfectly respectable in all their various roles. Still not my thing though. Perhaps choices in acting roles are the only flaw I can find in these two. So be it.

← See left.


I love both these two, but apparently I love Emmanuelle a little more. I'm cool with that, if only just for the above pic. That might be the best work she's ever done.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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