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Face Off: Nina Dobrev vs. Emma Stone

09.25.2017by: Droz

We've got a couple of Hollywood's most beloved cuties premiering new movies in September. We just saw Emma Stone come with her Billie Jean King biopic BATTLE OF THE SEXES. Now this week we got Nina Dobrev attempting to kick off a wave of 90s movie remakes with a new version of FLATLINERS. I'm probably gonna wait for video on both those. On the other hand, I'm always down for some instant gratification when it comes to Emma and Nina. But then how could you not be? For in addition to being adorable sweethearts, they're also a couple of hot as hell babes. Which adorable and hot babe do you think outdoes the other in that capacity?


Despite growing up in Canada, Nina has an Eastern European heritage going great guns for her here. Funny how they make some of the most beautiful faces in the world there. I'm always finding myself starry-eyed when her mug shows up somewheres. There's a whole lot to enjoy in looking at Nina from head to toe, but her face alone is sufficient to get me happy.

I think perhaps, if Emma were still rocking her fake red hair right now, I might feel a little more on her side with this one. Unfortunately she's back to the blonde, which has never sit well with me. I understand, it's her natural color. I don't care. She looks better red. Yet even with the red, I think I might still have to go with Nina, who is as adorable as they come. I'm sucker for an adorable face.


I have to wonder if we would have such a great opinion of Nina's bod, were she not prone to showing it off in all sorts of sexy bikinis. Fortunately we don't have to ponder this question, as Nina does indeed enjoy slipping her bangable frame into skimpy beachwear on a regular basis. There are numerous examples of her doing so, both in candid pics and in a few professional venues. The results of this are always epic. Girl is quite well put together here.

The world has understandably fallen for Emma's ass over the course of the last year or so. Yet something tells me the glory of her ass accomplishments were never meant to last past all the calisthenics of doing a song and dance movie and a sports biopic movie back-to-back. Now that she's back to undertaking less physically strenuous movies, I can already see Emma's one glorious claim to hot body fame settling back into a more modest shape.


In Nina's hotness case I'm more traditional. Girl just looks sexy as hell. I don't know of her that well as a person, but I get a whole lot out of watching her be the bangable hottie she is. She's also one of those celebs who seems to always be on point when it comes to looking hot. Be it down to her bra in her near death experience movie, or decked out in sexy leggings while walking the dog, the result is always the same.

What makes Emma hot is actually rather myriad. Yes, she's beautiful and has a nice body. Those are the minimums of a hottie. Girl also brings into the mix a great personality. We tend to ignore this aspect of hottie appreciation, but think about it for a minute. How hot do you truly find someone who annoys or disgusts you as a person? Shitty personalities are one of the biggest turn offs there are. The good news is Emma comes across as one of the most likable people in Hollywood. And that is hot.


Nina has some clout to work with, thanks to her vampire show, so that she might make of herself a movie career. However, she does seem to be starting out rather modestly there. Nina just did the new xXx movie to somewhat lukewarm results. Now she has another supporting gig in FLATLINERS. I'm not getting blown away by these efforts so far, but maybe there are more significant things down the line for Nina. Whatever she does, there's a lot of catching up to do compared to Emma's acting accomplishments.

It seemed pretty much foregone that Emma was going to become a Hollywood darling. Anything she did back in her early days, be it leading or supporting, was endearing to most people who saw them. Now a full on A-list hit with one great role after another, Emma continues to woo all who encounter her in a movie. Barring any descents into celebrity assholishness, I don't see this en mass love affair ever changing.


One can make an easy enough conclusion that Emma far outweighs Nina in terms of her success as an actress and Hollywood player. Yet when it comes to sex appeal, I'm going with Nina. No doubt some will disagree with that. I myself was a little surprised by the outcome here. But, there it is. I regret nothing.

Just one man's opinion. Which one you got?


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