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Face Off: Nina Dobrev vs. Ashley Benson

01.23.2017by: Droz

It was an overwhelming majority vote for Michelle Monaghan over Mandy Moore in last week's battle of the double "M" hotties. I wont criticize anyone for going with Michelle. She's damn hot. I stand by Mandy though. There's just something about her that's always done it for me.

xXx: RETURN OF XANDER CAGE seems to be going great guns at the international box office. I would imagine no small part of that warm global reception is due to this movie's impressive collection of hotties, among them Nina Dobrev. She's been one of the most desired hotties of her generation. One could say the same for Nina's competitor and contemporary Ashley Benson. Speaking of their generation, it's hard to believe these two are pushing 30 now and soon to be supplanted by yet another new group of bright, young hotties. Fortunately pushing 30 doesn't mean much anymore when it comes to hotness. Both these two continue to offer more than most when it comes to sexiness. Which one would you rather make a XXX movie with?


Nina is more than just simply beautiful. She conforms to any kind of adjective one would normally apply to someone with looks. She's beautiful, she's cute, fresh-faced, adorable, exciting, stunning. The list goes on and on. I like her best for continuing the great tradition of petite hottie brunette celebs. There have been dozens of them, but Nina embodies the look about as well as any I've ever seen.

I make no slams against Ashley's worthiness as a beauty by going with Nina in this category. My selection is mostly just about personal preference. Petite brunettes are kinda my thing. However, absent any petite brunettes, I'd consider Ashley a more than worthy alternative.


If there's anything better than Nina's face, it's her insane body. Girl has just about the best everything you'll ever see on a woman. Every part of her body comes across as the what that particular body part would look like, were we living in a perfect world. Such perfection is not an everyday thing. Nina may have a lot of imitators and predecessors in the looks area, but she has an almost entirely unique physique.

I see Ashley fluctuate when it comes to her body. Sometimes she's slim, sometimes a little chunkier. As with most normal humans, the accumulation of fat is an ever present struggle for her. Thick or thin, I've never had a problem with Ashley's bod. Actually, were it not for Nina killing it in every way here, I'd feel just fine about giving Ashley my vote on this one.


Between the two of these ladies, I'd say Nina is the more subtle when it comes to her hotness. Being hot isn't something she has to work at. It's more of an innate thing she owns without much need for comment or attention. In other words, Nina is hot because she's hot. Not much more to say about that.

We see Ashley give a lot more time and effort into displaying all the various things that make her a top notch hottie. Her movies, her shows, her photo spreads, they all come with a charged up overriding theme that depicts her as a voluptuous sex kitten. It's a different approach than Nina's, but no less effective for me.


For some time Nina has carved out a comfortable little niche with her gig as the main eye candy on The Vampire Diaries. Recently she bid adieu to her televised comfort zone and started putting all her time and energy into fashioning for herself a full on movie career. This new xXx sequel is the initial result of her efforts there. We'll see more of them as the year continues. Should her 2017 movies continue to do well, Nina could have some momentum there.

Throughout out much of Ashley's time on the scene she's had her show, Pretty Little Liars, to fall back on. It remains her chief claim to fame. Occasionally Ashley attempts to branch out into movies, but her efforts there don't seem to go well most of the time. Underwhelming moves into movies aren't just Ashley's thing. Nina has struggled with that transition as well, although lately it feels like Nina has a little more to show for her efforts here.


The field of unbelievably hot celebs in their late 20s is a vast and varied one. They can be found in every corner of celebrity right now. Nina and Ashley are right up there on that list, but I reckon Nina is nearer to the top than Ashley. She's kind of a phenomenon.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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