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Face Off: Nicole Kidman vs. Cate Blanchett

01.12.2015by: Droz

It was a fairly solid win for Emilie de Ravin over Maggie Grace in last week's Face Off. I don't know about you, but that was yet another time when my vote came down to superficiality. In any real world scenario, I'd be delirious with happiness to have either one.

Seems like people are finding this PADDINGTON movie rather charming, despite the fact that Nicole Kidman's character apparently spends the whole movie trying to kill the beloved bear from children's literature for its hide. That's kind of a f*cked up plot. I think I'll stick with Cate Blanchett and her most recent return to Middle Earth as Galadriel in the final HOBBIT movies. The only creatures she threatened were Sauron and his Ringwraiths. In real life, these are a pair of Aussies with long legacies of hotness and especially celebrated careers as actresses. But which sexy Aussie Sheila gets you the most excited?


Ten years ago I would have called this one an easy win for Nicole. She's been one of the most beautiful women on screen and off for years. Nicole is still a beautiful woman, but unfortunately her long time fascination with various so-called beauty treatments has escalated in recent years, giving her that "worked on" look a lot of the time. Too bad she can't just leave well enough alone. Being somewhat aged isn't enough to ruin beauty like hers.

I see articles inquiring about what Cate's beauty treatments are. That's because even at nearly 46, she still looks great, despite not having an lick of surgery or any other radical treatments - a rare thing for anybody, especially someone in her liine of work. You gotta have something natural within you to pull that off. She's also been playing the most beautiful elf in Middle Earth for 15 years now. Anyone who can do that deserves a win in this category.


I've been aware of Nicole since BMX BANDITS (yeah, look that one up, kids). I didn't become truly smitten with her until years later, when she started showing some skin in various movies. You've probably seen at least some of them. EYES WIDE SHUT is one most people know. Those scenes of her slipping in and out of her clothes with the glasses on...damn. Her looks might have fluctuated somewhat since then, but she's still got the bod.

They started throwing Oscars as Cate not long after she showed up on the big screen. As a result, she never had that point in her career where she felt the need to go nude in order to get attention or land a coveted role. She gets those juicy gigs anyway, while keeping her clothes mostly on. Cate does seem to have a fairly nice body, but on screen evidence of that is somewhat more difficult to come by.


Nicole checks off many of my prerequisites for hotness. Let's see - you got the red hair, sometimes, with extra points for curliness. She's Australian, which is usually a good thing. Plenty of great nude scenes is a plus. Nicole also seems to come at things with a certain fearlessness. She's usually willing to do what's required of her in a role or a photo shoot or whatever. Sometimes that means threatening beloved children's characters. Other times, more exciting things. No matter what it is, I'm usually down for it.

Every once in a while Cate does a role that's got some sensuality to it. Those are good, though making full use of her potential as a hottie is, at best, a secondary consideration where the majority of her roles are concerned. I wonder how she might have handled those sexy roles Nicole has undertaken over the years. I'm sure she would have been fantastic and it's a shame that never happened. But I wont hold it against her.


I wasn't exactly amazed with Nicole as an actress back in the DAYS OF THUNDER and before part of her career. She was alright, not amazing. Then in the mid 90s she suddenly blossomed into a big time leading actress, knocking it out of the park with all kinds of great roles. That track record of excellence continues right up to the present day. With a record like that, you'd really need someone like Cate to deliver Nicole a 2nd place finish here. All things considered though, I think it's a fair assessment.

Think about all the amazing movies and roles Cate has done in the last 20 years. There are so many of them, in everything from billion dollar franchises to modest indie flicks. She's played beloved literary characters, legendary historical figures, great actresses (including herself) and pretty much every kind of character you could ever want. She even played Bob Dylan to perfect effect. It's a most impressive resume, one she's nowhere near done adding to. It demands the highest praise possible.


Two accomplished daughters of Australia here who have both wowed me as actresses and hotties alike. Yet it's Cate's persistent youthful glow and unbeatable career that continue to wow me the most.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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