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Face Off: Nicola Peltz vs. Megan Fox

06.23.2014by: Droz

It was a landslide win for Ali Larter against her competitor Kirsten Dunst in last week's Face Off. That's a telling thing, indicative of the negative opinion that can come about when hotties become indifferent to their hotness. If this comparison were made a few years back, when Kirsten wasn't so ambivalent, things might have gone much differently.

Once again there's a TRANSFORMERS movie coming to your summer cineplexes. Not a big surprise, considering how these movies essentially print money. And just as with previous TRANSFORMERS movies, director Michael Bay has found himself a new pretty young thang in the form of Nicola Peltz to accompany his supercharged CGI orgy of robots, explosions and 3-second shots. We need not remind you of who Bay's first hottie discovery was. Megan Fox's insane hotness in the first couple movies is the stuff of screen siren legend. Bay's most recent hottie find seems to have similar capacities for hotness. Now we just have to decide whether it's the new blood or the old guard in TRANSFORMERS eye candy that does it for us. Pick the one who meets your eye more below.


I'm not going to lie here - it was just recently that I became aware of Nicola, at least by name. I'd seen her around, but only really began to commit her to memory when the first TRANSFORMERS 4 trailers started to hit the web. Since then this lovely young lady has really started to grow on me. She's got a quality about her, not unlike Megan had back in the day. There's a ton of sweetness there, mixed with a healthy amount of sexual intensity. In other words, I think I dig her.

Since Megan has about a decade on her competition here, I'm going to be fair and limit my assessments to Megan from the first TRANSFORMERS movie, when she was around the same age Nicola is now. That was back before most of the subsequent alterations Megan so infuriatingly thought she needed to fix her problem of already being an absolute knockout. She really was a stunning and unique creature back then. It's the time I prefer to call up when I muse on the notion of Megan's beauty.


The availability of Nicola hot body images for our visual and mental spank banks is fairly limited at this point. Come on, she's not even 20-years-old yet. Gotta give the girl some time. What little there is already proves that she's got quite a nice little frame on her. Should TRANSFORMERS 4 blow up at the box office, and you know it will, I wouldn't be surprised to see her inundated with opportunities to show off a lot more of that bod in years to come. I'm looking forward to that.

Of course we all know very well Megan's proclivities in this area. Her impressive proportions are the stuff of hottie legend. Very few can honestly claim that her bodacious bod hasn't gotten them all worked up at some point in the last 7 or 8 years. Add to that all the time and energy Megan has put into creating one of the most impressive collections of hot body shots seen in recorded history. Little reason not to give her a vote here.


Is Nicola hot? Certainly. However, I think this is a category where one's amassed track record of hotness is just as important as the hotness they possess inherently. As such, between these two, Megan is the clear winner here. Again though, give Nicola some time. She's got a helluva lot of potential here.

If all we had to assess Megan's hotness was her brief peek under Bumblebee's hood in the first TRANSFORMERS and her sexy sprawled out shot on the motorcycle in cut offs from the second movie, that would still be sufficient to give her the win here. Thankfully there are a whole lot more reasons for Megan to take this category, but those two moments are nonetheless right at the top on the list of her greatest hottie moments.


Nicola hasn't done much in her relatively short time on the scene, apart from the admittedly cool Bates Motel series. Then again, neither had Megan once her TRANSFORMERS big break came. Once again it comes down to Nicola being a relative short timer, but I wouldn't be surprised to see more of her in productions yet to come.

I wouldn't call Megan's track record particularly stunning here, although I do think she has some chops as an actress when she applies herself. Megan's cred in this category is perhaps even more dubious now that she's admitted to basically not giving a shit about acting any longer. Enthusiasm aside, she has amassed a longer CV than Nicola in her decade or so on the scene, so it's only fair that she takes this one as well.


Never have so many people wanted to be a tricked out motorcycle before Megan mounted the lucky one seen above. Whatever your opinion of Megan, you can't deny the girl knows how to show off the goods. Now that she's become disillusioned with the biz, moments like these could conceivably come to an end. That makes them collectors items, sort of like old cars that increase in value merely by the virtue of not being made like that anymore. They'll never make another like Megan either.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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