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Face Off: Naughty vs. Nice

08.20.2012by: Droz

Pretty even split among you concerning the better of the boobs vs. butt argument in last week's Face Off, with votes split at 11 to 11. My vote for butts was the deciding vote there, but these results clearly demonstrate how evenly split our community is on this issue, much like I as an individual am split. I love 'em both.

So this week we're exploring some of the different aspects of the intense and sweet people, specifically the benefits and drawbacks of the naughty and nice. To help us along, we're bringing in legendary hotties Angelina Jolie and Kristen Bell to illustrate the different categories. So, would you have the devilish, promiscuous, hot-tempered person? Or is the angelic, faithful, mild-mannered type more your speed? Let's see about it.

Sex Appeal

Ironically, at least for most guys, there isn't much of a difference in how we sexualize either of these two. It might be a little more expedient with the naughty type, as they're not opposed to putting that kind of energy out there unsolicited. Angelina knows a thing or two about this, as it seems like every role she has features some aspect of her smouldering sexuality. The naughty types just can't help but put it out there for everyone to see. Gotta appreciate that.

I think the thing that inspires us with the nicer types is the potential of converting them to the naughty side. Perhaps that's the naughty part of us reacting to their niceness like a magnet, with our two opposite poles attracting. We just can't wait to see what naughtiness lies dormant within that unassuming person, waiting for us to come along and bring it to life. Take a look at any pic of Kristen and you'll understand. She's so sweet, you want to rip her clothes off and do unspeakable things with her.


I find the naughty types don't always make the best significant others. Something about being so uninhibited also seems to make them want to go out of control. Just look at Angelina's history both on and off the field, where she was always the unstable element. It wasn't until nice guy Brad chilled her out that she started to gain a bit of composure, both in her life and her movie roles. Notice how she's still not the cute and sweet type in her movies. Nice influences can only go so far.

It's not a stretch of the imagination to say that nice people are easier to get along with than naughty. You can't help but be amiable with them, unless you're a real asshole, in which case you probably don't get along with anyone. Take a lady like Kristen. She's a sweetheart. Even when she's playing not-so-nice people, she's still a sweetheart. We know she's just pretending to be mean. Under all that selfishness or rudeness is a cutie pie who's playing a part. She's so adorable.

Personality Issues

Intensity of personality might not be the most conducive thing for a long-lasting relationship, but it's a lot more interesting. You never know what you're going to get with an unpredictable person like Angelina. She might rant on through the night about her bizarre sexual escapades and the best bars in Manhattan, then go into a depressive funk and talk about nothing but death and the loss of innocence. Pretty crazy, but one things for sure - it's never boring.

Okay, so we get along with nice people like Kristen. Doesn't mean we have to always like them. You ever get into a room with someone who's really nice, but wont shut up? They're just a giggly, smiling chatterbox of annoyance sometimes. Sure, they'll give you the shirt off their back, but they wont shut about their stupid cat to save your life. This is by no means a universal aspect of the nice, but it's pretty common among them.


So who is Angelina's company in this category? There's a pretty distinguished list, consisting of pretty much every cool or uncool kid from school who was so disgusted with the whole thing that they committed themselves to becoming a great, whatever. The most talented folks are usually the ones who were the non-conforming naughty folks, raising hell and being rebellious against the establishment, whatever that might be.

Funny how there are not as many nice folks around in the entertainment industry. They never seem to make it that far. They usually end up working with you in your job, occupying a cubicle somewhere covered in pictures of puppies and unicorns. Sure, there are one or two like Kristen out there in the biz, but I suspect they get where they get because they have naughty agents working on their behalf.


The ideal situation would be to combine both these ladies into one person, but obviously that's not happening. So, I'm going with naughty. What can I say, I like 'em moody. Sure, the nice people are, well, nice, but nice isn't always real or genuine. I watch Angelina going off about something and I believe it, because she's putting herself into it. When I see someone like Kristen being sweet, I don't always buy it. We all have those times when we want to get in someone's face or just become pissy and annoyed with it all. It's not natural to always be happy and smiley.

That's where I am on this. Which do you prefer?
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