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Face Off: Natalie Portman vs. Rachel McAdams

02.19.2018by: Droz

This week we've got two longtime beloved beauties of the movies with new things coming out. Natalie Portman has her apocalyptic sci-fi flick ANNIHILATION happening, while Rachel McAdams sees her murder mystery party get out of hand in GAME NIGHT. Two wildly different movies for certain, starring a couple beautiful women who are pretty much the same when it comes to hotness. We've been goofy about them both for decades now, with no end in sight. Which of these beloved babes are you game to face annihilation with?


Natalie puts me in mind of all the great screen sirens who have come before her and who will most likely come after her. She's going to have a place of honor among the most iconic of them, thanks in large part to her lovely face. It's the reason she's also a big time cosmetics model as well as a movie superstar. Natalie has the looks to be just about anything she wants.

I don't think they'd keep putting Rachel in all those romantic chick flick type movies as the main female protagonist if she didn't have the sympathetic look those movies demand. It's part of the reason I've never been able to buy her as the antagonist. She's much too sweet-faced for that. I go with Natalie here because, well, it's practically a law. That shouldn't preclude anyone from thinking of Rachel as one of the most gorgeous women of her time.

I could be wrong, but it's likely Nat's starring role as a mixed up stripper in CLOSER will be the defining film when it comes to hot body movie moments from her. Beyond the obvious appeal of Natalie playing a stripper with little to no modesty, it was just so unexpected a thing to see her do. She's had less dressed moments since then, but that movie made it obvious just how good her offerings here truly were and still appear to be.

Rachel has a magnificent build, though I regard her ass as one of the great, unsung booties of the current hottie line up. Girl is rocking some serious backside there. We've seen it wrapped up in very little from time to time, but never fully revealed. Most of the rest of Rachel has peeked out a little over the years, but never her ass. We need her to bring that butt out just one time before it's too late. It would be the toast of the internet if she did.

Basically, Natalie's vote from me here comes down to the significance of Luke Skywalker's mom getting sexy in something. It's the same effect the late, great Carrie Fisher had for me when she went and got herself looking sexy. Is it odd that STAR WARS actors being hot somehow makes their offerings there more significant? Probably. I can't help it though. It's the ultimate MILF fantasy.

Nobody can rightfully say Rachel's moments of hotness aren't legitimate. We've seen plenty of them in her time and they're all wonderful. I guess it comes down to the mystique a certain star has. Somehow Natalie's efforts in hotness come across as more significant. That's just for me though. I could see someone else thinking totally different.

Natalie has jumped around quite a bit in her time as an actress. I can't think of any kind of role she hasn't played. She's got action movies, comedies, dramas, sci-fi movies, historical, indie movies, popcorn movies, the list goes on. She's also got the big time acting awards and bona fide fanboy love the world over. Looks like a difficult career to beat.

I mentioned earlier about Rachel having a particularly effective mug for chick flicks. This feature has given her a nice living and a significant amount of star power. Unfortunately, she's also been put into a specific sort of role. Even in movies that are nothing like a romantic tear-jerker or whatever, like DOCTOR STRANGE for example, she's still put in the role of a girlfriend on the sidelines. Very seldom do you see Rachel playing any other kind of character. Maybe this isn't a big deal for her, but it does put her at a disadvantage when compared to Natalie's varied screen roles.

Two amazing women here beloved and desired the world over. Yet it's got to be Natalie who stands as the most iconic woman, destined to be revered alongside the greatest talents and most beautiful screen beauties of all time.

Just one man's opinion. Which one you got?


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