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Face Off: Natalie Portman vs. Amy Adams

05.06.2013by: Droz

Ya'll seemed a little confused about the task before you in last week's Face Off between Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. The goal there was to decide if Tony's clear awesomeness as a guy was preferable to Pepper's clear hotness as a woman, or vice versa. The majority of you chose wisely and decided that Tony would be the better choice in that arrangement. Let's face it, the wonders available in Tony's workshop alone are better than any theme park I can imagine. Pepper would have to be pretty damn dynamic in the sack to top that ultimate man cave experience.

Now that comic book movie season summer movie season 2013 is off and running with the release of IRON MAN 3, it only makes sense to check out some of the other hotties who will be standing by their superhero men this year. While I'm iffy about this strange insistence on remaking already remade comic movies, I have to say that I prefer the choice of Amy Adams as Lois Lane in the upcoming MAN OF STEEL over past iterations of Superman's squeeze. It remains to see how this 4th gen version of Superman movie pans out, but having Amy in there is a good start. We've already seen what Natalie Portman brings to the table as Thor's love interest. From what little we can ascertain from the trailer for THOR: THE DARK WORLD, they seem to be turning up the intensity on their relationship. We'll have to see how that goes come November.

Both these ladies are accomplished actresses from the top shelf of the hottie pantheon and as such they should be fantastic female leads, as usual. But which hero heroine waves your cape the most? Votes to be tabulated below.


Natalie's exquisite beauty has been common knowledge since, well, since she emerged from the womb. Not many folks out there trying to argue against Natalie being one of the great beauties of all time. If there was ever anyone in Hollywood who could stand as a worthy successor to the great Grace Kelly, it's got to be Natalie.

Amy's got a little different something happening with her beauty, but it's no less effective in my eyes. Anyone with hair like that gets an automatic boost in appreciation from me, which isn't necessary anyway because Amy is absolutely adorable. Those big, blue eyes and sweet smile are like a siren's call to me. As Natalie assumes the glamorous end of the beauty spectrum, Amy takes the sweetness side. That's a fair tradeoff.


Neither of these ladies has shown much of a penchant for making a spectacle out of their bodies, though in recent years Natalie has loosened up a bit on that with the occasional nude or scantily clad scene here and there. The result is a confirmation of what I'm pretty sure most of us already knew, namely that Natalie has a fine body to go along that pretty face.

Amy hasn't come quite as far as Natalie in terms of flexibility with body reveals, though she has come pretty close. Anyway, we've seen enough from her occasional stripped down appearances to know that she's got a pretty sweet little bod there. It's not quite the spectacle that made Natalie's first substantial nude scene as great as it was, but it's still pretty nice.


Like with Amy, I used to have a mental block with Natalie's hotness. Years spent watching her grow up from a little kid, to an adolescent and finally a young woman gave her a little sister vibe in my mind. That did resolve itself once Natalie opened herself up to sexually-charged scenes like this one from CLOSER. I had no choice but to realize there's a fully appreciable hottie there that it was perfectly okay to lust after. Though I still get a little uncomfortable watching LEON. Can't help that.

I've had some trouble acknowledging Amy's hotness in the past. I know she is hot, but for me it's her cuteness that registers more than her sex appeal. That's probably because she's played so many sweeties in the past. She's moved on from that, for the most part, but I'm still kind of stuck in that "awwww" mode with her. Though I think one really hot sex scene that doesn't involve Marky Mark would help me out there.


Natalie's resume is peppered with some of the most recognizable movies of the last 20 years. I don't even have to go through the list. Anyone under 40 can probably bring up a tally of her noteworthy films from memory. Add to that an an Oscar for her performance in BLACK SWAN and tons of other wins and nominations from various other places. That says quite a lot about the kind of impact her career has had, not only on us movie fans, but modern culture as a whole.

Amy's career started out a little slow, but it's really begun to pick up some speed in recent years. She's got no less than 4 Oscar noms under her belt for performances in movies like THE FIGHTER, DOUBT and THE MASTER. She's become a staple of the nominee crowd at many of the major awards shows for the last half-a-decade and I'm sure it's only a matter of time until she gets herself one of those golden bald dudes to put on the mantle or back of the toilet.


I got nothing but love for both these ladies, though Natalie gets a little extra love for my years of history with her films and a bit more appreciation for her qualities as a hottie. That being said, these two are both precious jewels anyone would be more than proud to have in their crown.

Anyway, that's what I think. What's your take?


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