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Face Off: Natalie Dormer vs. Emilia Clarke

03.31.2014by: Droz

Faced with a choice between Emma Watson and Ashley Greene, more folks went with Emma, though the love for Ashley was clearly there. Emma's got an automatic cheering section few can contend with. The real question is how long that will endure. Another 10 years from now, when she's far removed from her days as a wizard, there's no telling how such a competition might go.

Well, our long wait is almost over. We've spent months agonizing over the tragic events that transpired during Game of Thrones' last season. Sunday brings us a chance to agonize over all new tragedies when season 4 premieres. Perhaps even more important than that, it's a chance to gush over two of that show's hottest hotties, Natalie Dormer and Emilia Clarke. Playing characters Margaery Tyrell and Daenerys Targaryen respectively, these are two of GoT's most ambitious women, eyeing the Iron Throne with ruthless eyes and a literally burning desire for the title of Biggest Bitch In Westeros. They're also two of the sexiest women on the show, who are still alive anyway. But which of these two aspiring queens rules over your desires? Winter is coming, so make your choice soon.


I'm split on Natalie's beauty. She's got a seductive stare that's instant boner material and when she's sporting that long, brunette hair she's quite the stunner. Invariably though, when her various historical TV shows are done filming, she always goes back to blonde, which doesn't suit her as well. Then you got that weird half smirk duck face thing she does all the time - the one that makes her look like someone suffering from stroke induced palsy of the lower face. Few things annoy me as much as that smirk and I really wish she would stop it.

On the other hand, I've never had a single moment to feel anything but total joy at the sight of Emilia. She also goes back and forth from blonde to brunette, only in the opposite direction as Natalie. The difference there is that I like her just as much either way. Even better, not an annoying smirk in sight - just one of the cutest smiles you'll ever see on one of the sweetest hotties out there today. Easy call for me here.


We're fortunate here in that we don't have to rely on our imaginations to know exactly what's going on with Natalie body wise. If you see her in most anything, it's practically a guarantee that she's going to strip down to nothing at some point and quite possibly engage in any number of simulated sex acts. The result of this magnificent tendency is a very clear understanding of the kind of a body she's got. And it is a lovely body, equally comparable to Emilia's in most ways.

Emilia isn't one to shy away from getting naked either. It was, in fact, her naked body that inaugurated us on this GoT adventure we're on today. There's something very special about that little 5'2 frame. Emilia's body is beautiful in every way and highlighted by one of the cutest butts I've seen, usually fresh from a bath and therefore all wet, slippery and sudsy. The promise of her naked body on display is one of the things I look forward to most in any new season of this show.


Natalie is very good at putting that sexy vibe out there, when she's not busying herself with making weird faces. She can exude that intense sexuality vibe with the best of them. In fact, it's one of the things she does best and most often, again, other than the smirk thing. Equally seductive on any red carpet, movie or tv show, she's constantly in the business of trying to get you hot. Got to respect her dedication to such a worthy cause.

Emilia does things a little different than Natalie here. She takes the sweetness tack on her voyage to hotness, always with a smile and a pleasant demeanor. That doesn't mean she can't flash some sexy eyes when she wants to. She's good at that too. Her more intoxicating quality, at least for me, is how adorable a person she seems to be. That and the fact that she's English - a characteristic distinguishing both these ladies.


Natalie has squeezed quite a lot of work into her decade or so of acting. With a number of TV series and movies to her credit and more in the works as we speak, she's become a real sought after hottie. Considering how well she does that sexy thing she does, it doesn't surprise me everyone wants her around to slip some added seduction into their production. On top of all that, she's also a pretty good actress too. Good stuff.

Emilia doesn't have as much experience or diversity in her resume, compared to Natalie anyway. She's come up fast in a short span of time, creating an enthusiastic fan base thanks to successfully embodying one of A Song of Ice and Fire's most beloved characters. Emilia's parlaying all that fan cred into a future beyond GoT, landing the role of Sarah Connor in the upcoming TERMINATOR reboots. Also good stuff.


There's no telling which one of these fine ladies will eventually find themselves sitting near or on the Iron Throne. Or maybe there is. I wouldn't know, since I'm purposefully avoiding any spoilers from the books. In the broader analysis, the tally is close, but it looks like Emilia is slightly more my thing than Natalie. These are two very striking hotties though. I find plenty to like in both of them.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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