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Face Off: Natalie Dormer vs. Alexandra Breckenridge

01.04.2016by: Droz

It looked like a tie game between Elizabeth Olsen and Margot Robbie in our last Face Off. I thought about going that way myself, but my indecision seems to anger certain folks - almost as much as my opinion of careers. I suppose I should be flattered that you put such emphasis on my single opinion of anything in these, but the fact remains that mine is only one vote. It's you guys who pick the winner in these. But if it makes you feel better to think that I'm somehow swaying the outcome in these so unfairly, feel free to continue.

This week sees the opening of Natalie Dormer's THE FOREST, which looks like an otherwise typical ghost story movie with a disrespectful twist in that it's set in Japan's very real and quite sad Aokigahara suicide forest. This looks like one of those mediocre January releases everyone will forget about completely in a week. Natalie fans know there are far better places to go for your Dormer fix. Like Game of Thrones or any of her other historical-esque shows, wherein Natalie always seems to play the sex engorged supporting characters with a penchant for frequent disrobing. Alexandra Breckenridge is another actress who often plays horny supporting characters who can't keep their clothes on. And bless them both for what they do there, for they are so good at it. Which of these two supporting sex kittens is your favorite?


I continue to have the same dilemma with Natalie's looks I always have. It's actually quite frustrating sometimes when you see how she can be the cutest, most charming creature who ever lived. I think back to that scene from season 5 of GoT when she's charming the boy king in a bid to become queen. She was so gorgeous in that scene. Then later she shows up somewhere else and looks totally different, with that awkwardness I've discussed before. In the right light, she's all I could ever want in a female's face. And then not so much in other lights. It's weird.

Looking back over her career one finds that Alexandra has been in a whole bunch of stuff. Despite that, she didn't really start to stick in my mind until American Horror Story, playing the hottest maid ever. That red hair, those come hither stares. Holy shit. It's like someone reached down into my mind and molded her into the most perfect expression of a woman, appealing both for her looks and the looks she gives to the men she wants. Since then, I never fail to notice Alexandra.


I try not to be too critical of any hottie who makes it her business to get naked as often as Natalie does. That's a precious thing in her line of work and one that shouldn't be subject to too much nitpicking. That said, Alex isn't above getting them clothes off either, so that forces the issue. Natalie's bod is great and I look forward to seeing more of it whenever possible. I just like Alex's more filled out frame better. Nothing more to it than that.

One of Alex's other memorable supporting roles was as a vampire groupie, aka "fang banger" on the HBO series True Blood. It was already established that Alex had an amazing body before that role, but seeing her strip down and partake in one of that series' better sex scenes (which is saying something for that show) was a whole new revelation on the quality of her bod. After seeing that, Alex quickly became one of my most lusted after hotties on TV or anywhere.


As I said earlier, these two pretty much do the same thing in many of their gigs, namely playing the totally bangable yet mysterious temptresses with an agenda. In that respect Natalie has made herself a memorable figure on more than one occasion. That's no act though. Even outside all the movies and TV shows, Natalie still comes across as someone who gets off on the idea of people getting off on her. Gotta appreciate the ladies for whom this area is more than mere affectation.

It's not all about the the sex scenes and the physical stuff for these two where hotness goes. They're also pretty cool people. Alex's tweets and whatnot reveal someone who seems particularly witty and laid back, which in a lot of ways is just as good as the physical stuff. Of course, Alex has the looks, the bod and the sexuality to go with the cool personality, just like Natalie. They're both the total package here.


Natalie has done some great TV and movies, though mostly as a supporting player. That seems to be a running theme between these two - lots of supporting stuff, by which they become memorable despite however small the role. A ton of fan love and the biggest show on TV has gotten Natalie a lot more attention in recent years, bumping her up to leading actor in a few new movies. That might be modest to some, but it's a notch above Alex here, I'm sad to say.

Both these women are a part of the two biggest things on TV right now - Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. So I can't make too big a lament about the state of Alex's career. That said, she is terribly, terribly underused and unappreciated in her field. This woman has the skills, the look, and the presence to play just about anyone. She should be a much, much bigger star and it's a damn crime that she isn't. Someone get on the ball there and get Alex some bigger gigs.


These are two spectacularly hot women, no doubt about it. There's always one more hot than the other though. For me, that's Alexandra. She's so beautiful, so sexual, so capable, yet so unjustly absent from the big leagues. We need to see more of her, both as an actress and the all around sexy hottie she is.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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