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Face Off: Morena Baccarin vs. Evangeline Lilly

02.08.2016by: Droz

It didn't come as much of a surprise to see Alexandra Daddario defeat Kelly Brook in last week's Face Off. She's at the top of many hottie lists right now - sort of like Kelly was not too long ago. Going with Ms. Brook must then make me sentimental. So be it. Kelly is nowhere near past it yet.

We have another potentially problematic non-MCU Marvel movie coming up this week. One of those persistent carryovers from the old days when Marvel was just a struggling comic company in need of cash and not the Disney-backed box office juggernaut it has become today. DEADPOOL does look like it's going to be great, so fingers crossed. It's gotta be better than THE FANTASTIC FOUR. But will it be better than the last MCU film, which also featured a besuited smartass superhero called ANT-MAN? This is a question for another Face Off. Right now, we're gonna compare the top hotties from these movies, who go by the names Morena Baccarin and Evangeline Lilly. Which of these two Marvel hero heroines makes you bulge in your super suit the most?


I gotta bring up Firefly whenever I talk about Morena's looks. As a devout Browncoat, this show simply must come up whenever the conversation involves cast members from that show. With this said, let's get down to Morena's beauty, which has been indisputable ever since she showed up on the aforementioned sci-fi sacred cow. She is so beautiful it hurts me. I'm literally in pain sometimes when I see her. I don't get this feeling from very many famous hotties, which makes Morena's beauty even more special in my eyes.

Evangeline is a stunner at times. Then at other times, I feel like she's a little too tomboyish. Pretty much her entire run on Lost was all about the tomboy look, for obvious reasons. Not a lot of cosmetics counters on weird islands. Maybe this natural look is your thing, but not as much for me. I much preferred her in things like THE HOBBIT movies. She was genuinely gorgeous as Tauriel and not just for the elf ears. Never have I thought Eva was unattractive, but I have come to like her more in some iterations than others.


This is a tough one to call. Both these women are clearly well put together hotties, possessing bodies anyone would be lucky to have at. I've eagerly devoured their visual eye candy on more occasions than I can remember. My vote comes down to personal preference, which is Morena's bod. Her figure is very much a classical one. She's reminiscent of a Renaissance statue in the way her body very elegantly curves into her hips. It's a shape I love.

Again, this is a difficult one to be definitive on. Evangeline has always enjoyed an athletic build, with a rock hard bod women half her age would covet like precious jewels. Those tight jeans on Lost, or magazine spreads like the one above, give me all kinds of warm feelings. Far be it from me to put down such a body, but I do tend to give more of my love and appreciation to the curvier bods. But that's just me. Feel free to do you.


I'm giving this one to the hottie who has shown the most skin. Pure and simple. Watching Morena take off them clothes has been like unwrapping the greatest present ever. I hear her sex scenes in DEADPOOL are unblinkingly good as well. Even if she didn't have that, I would still go with Morena here. She just looks and feels like the hotter of the two for me.



And then this.→

Both these two have been in memorable, beloved TV shows, big time blockbuster movies and everything in between. They routinely show up in sexy magazine spreads and look all kinds of gorgeous on the red carpets. I'm not prepared to claim either one as more prolific in those pursuits than the other, or more capable. I sway in different directions on how those pursuits work for me, but in terms of quantity and quality, I'd say they're pretty much evenly matched here.


Evangeline is great and I'm always happy to see her doing anything. However, Morena and I have history. And by history I mean I've been hypnotized and enraptured by her for well over a decade now. This is one of those unabashed biases I'm unable to hide or deny. I can't get enough of her.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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