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Face Off: Molly Quinn vs. Sophie Turner

08.04.2014by: Droz

It was a fairly clear mandate for Rosario Dawson over Zoe Saldana in last week's Face Off. Ya'll seemed fairly certain about that. So was I, until I saw Zoe as Gamora in GOTG. Now I'm not so sure. She's a sexy little green alien in that one. Perhaps Rosie can snap me back into her good graces when the SIN CITY sequel comes out in a few weeks.

We had a fun time looking at all the fine hotties who made their way to Comic-Con this year. One of everyone's favorites, both at SDCC and in general, is Game of Thrones' own Sophie Turner who had quite a time basking in the love she rightfully recieves. She reminds me of another redhead hottie who gets and gives a lot of love at Comic-Con.That, of course, is Molly Quinn. Two redheaded hotties, both on shows I love, enjoying armies of loyal fans? Why do I torture myself like this?


I'm in a lot of trouble here and it's hair like Molly's that gives me that trouble every time. Just look at how beautiful it is. Molly's hair is almost unbelievable, what with all the dye jobs around. It's the real thing though and when coupled with her sweet face and gorgeous blue eyes, the effect is like a nitrous boost straight to her beauty potential. She's quite a thing to look at.

It's taken me awhile to warm up to both these ladies here. That's not unreasonable, considering they were still young teens when their shows first came on the air. As for Sophie, her shade of red hair was always a beautiful sight. Now that the rest of her has begun to catch up with the appeal of that red hair, the result of it all is a beautiful young woman who rivals any of GoT's other fine hotties.


One more great thing about Molly you can add to her great hair and pretty face is that nice little body she's got on her and how nicely she makes a show of it at various functions. All those tight dresses on red carpets, all those cute little outfits at conventions, all proving how much she's got and how well she can show it off. That's true even on her show now, where she's begun to sneak some extra skin in here and there, to her TV dad's lament. Nothing wrong there that I can see.

If you've ever watched GoT, you'll know they haven't been in much of a rush to give Sophie any kind of significant sexy in her role as Sansa Stark. Dressed mostly in ankle length dresses, she portrays a character of virtue and innocence. Now that she can legally get away with it, Sophie has taken the initiative and begun to bring some bod to the table. A perfect example is the Twitter pic above. As you can see, she's got plenty to work with in this area.


I dig the playful way Molly comes with her hotness. For example, the pin-up spread above with the throwback quality that suits her classic looks. Molly seems like she'd fit right in with some old calendar spread from back in the day. That's her uncommon mixture of cute and hot at work, blending those two characteristics together in such a way that I don't know which pair of cheeks I want to pinch first.

I've mixed feelings about social media. Seems like a lot of annoyance and obligation without much ROI. One bright spot on that horizon is the freedom it offers hotties like Sophie to login at their social media site of choice and let everyone in on their sexiest behind-the-scenes moments. Even if GoT never gets around to letting Sophie fly her hottie flag high, she's always got Twitter and Facebook to fall back on.


A lot of the Nickelodeon stuff Molly has done doesn't interest me much. However, I've seen enough of her on Castle to know that she's more than capable at what she does. I hear a lot of folks talking about how perfect she would be as Mary Jane, should they ever get around to casting that role for the next SPIDER-MAN movie. I agree. Not only does Molly look the part, but she is also well versed in the comic lore. They would do well to give her some serious consideration for the gig.

I considered giving this one entirely to Molly, who's been around in a few more gigs. As good as GoT is, Sophie's role in the show is one of the least compelling for me. Sansa has almost always been a one note shrinking violet, helplessly caught up in the machinations of Westeros' most vicious power grabbers. However, Sophie did step up to the plate last season when her character went in a totally different direction. Now I'm intrigued. Beyond all that, you gotta admit the girl is popular. It all makes them equal enough in my estimation.


My decision-making skills are limited where hot redheads are concerned. I can't honestly say that one is better than the other here, as I don't feel that way. As much as I hate tie games, I'd hate slighting one over the other here more.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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