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Face Off: Molly Quinn vs. Katherine McNamara

10.03.2016by: Droz

I figured Eva Green would get the lion's share of votes in last week's Face Off, and I was right. Despite that, I still feel like Elizabeth Gillies brings the freshness factor in a big way. Liz also seems to be a lot easier to find outside of her movies and shows and whatnot, which makes my job easier.

In honor of Molly Quinn's 23rd birthday this week, we're celebrating the next generation of young redheads all set to take up the crimson-haired mantle from their honored ginger elders. Molly's competitor, Katherine McNamara, vies with her not only in the hotness department, but also as an all natural redhead - something which gives both Molly and Katherine an advantage over those who go with the Clairol route to auburn loveliness. So which hottie on the cutting edge of redheadedness does her thing better by you?


Molly has a quality I find strange and even a little perturbing at times. She's essentially carried her childhood face over into adulthood. As someone who bears no similarity at all to his younger self, I find this practically alien. But fortunately for Molly, she has a pretty face which she's managed to sufficiently reinvent for the purposes of looking beautiful in a grown up way. And then there's the hair, which exists in an intoxicating halfway point between red and strawberry blonde. Molly has one of my favorite faces to look at.

Katherine is different from her competitor here. She's not as innocent-looking as Molly. She's more of the glamorous type. That doesn't stop her from having a sweet and charming visage. She's just sweet and charming in a more made up, cosmetics commercial sort of way. Which is fine. In fact, Kat's style works pretty damn good for her pretty much every time I see her around. She has one of those faces you can't help but remember.


Places where Molly is given license to geek out seem also to be inspirations for her to show off her bod in exciting ways. She's demonstrated this before at Comic-Cons and also at events like the above premiere of MAN OF STEEL. It's fortunate such events have this effect on Molly, as all indications point to her possessing a beautiful body, made even better by how unlikely it seems for her to show it off. You wouldn't think someone so sweet would enjoy doing that kind of thing. Which leads us into the next category.

Katherine is more of the long and lean type, which is fine. I don't fault her for anything she's got going on in the body area. This said, with these two ladies it comes down to a choice between Kat's long-legged and slim, or Molly's curvier, bustier physique. If you know my predilections for hotties at all, you know where I'm gonna go there.


I've come to suspect the innocence one can easy associate with Molly is merely skin deep. You see her stray from that impression all the time, both as a real person and as a character in her productions. For instance, I doubt a purely wholesome type could so aptly play a slutty angel. Or bust open her blouse in a sexy super girl move. It may be Molly simply hasn't had enough opportunities to let her more adventurous side come out in her acting work. I sure do hope someone gives her that chance. I'd much prefer to know Molly for who she is, rather than what she looks like.

Katherine seems to have a playbook she goes by as far as her public appearances go. This is nothing new in celebrity circles. You see it all the time. The only issue I have with that is how her playbook hardly ever allows her the room to surprise us with what she does to gain everyone's attention. That sounds a little like calling her boring, but I don't think I could ever think such a thing of someone as lovely as Kat. Even if there's a limit to what we can expect from her, they're pretty good expectations nonetheless.


Molly has the geek girl fantasy thing going on, which might have made her a great choice for Mary Jane in the forthcoming SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING. Too bad she seems to be more of a DC than a Marvel person. I enjoyed her on Castle for as long as I could watch it, which was just long enough for that show's formula to get tired. I wish I could say her upcoming gigs looked at all interesting to me, but such isn't really the case. Anyway, she's got more to my liking than Katherine, so there's that.

Unfortunately for Katherine, she hasn't had the opportunity to star alongside Nathon Filion in anything as of yet, which puts her at an immediate disadvantage compared to Molly. Even more problematic for my impression of her career is the fact that I've only seen a handful of her shows and movies. And of those I found very little of interest to me. We just aren't speaking to one another here. Too bad, as I could totally go for a weekly dose of Katherine.


I've always enjoyed Molly, both as an actress and a hottie. It's almost the same with Katherine, except for the actress part. For Molly I also have a case of absence making the heart grow fonder. We just don't see enough of her around.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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