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Face Off: Michelle Trachtenberg vs. Krysten Ritter

03.30.2015by: Droz

Alison Brie landed a solid win against Jennifer Lawrence in the previous Face Off. That was a difficult choice. They are both so damn great in so many ways. As much as I would love to have them both begging me for it, I'm kinda glad I'll never be in a position of having to choose between them.

I've been thinking about the hotties who rock the dark hair and pale skin. That's kind of a thing for me. I'm not talking about the dumbasses with the black lipstick and shitty music. I'm talking about those who get their pale darkness honest - hotties like Michelle Trachtenberg and Krysten Ritter. I just love how they contrast between those two extremes of dark and light. Something special about that mix. So which one of these is the better black and white beauty by your measure?


Michelle certainly has the look we're talking about this week, but beyond that she's also a woman I've always found especially beautiful - perhaps more than many others in her generation. I'd even go so far as to call her breathtaking. I may not have always enjoyed the things she's been in over the years, but Michelle herself has always been something delightful to look at no matter what she's doing.

Yeah, Krysten may not be the most traditional beauty, whatever that means. I actually prefer my women to be of a unique variety. There's nothing more boring than cookie cutter people as far as I'm concerned. Both Krysten and Michelle are unique in their own way, but this isn't necessarily a "who is more unusual" contest. Despite my longstanding fascination with Michelle's mug, Krysten remains okay by me.


That picture above is one of my favorites of Michelle, but it's also one that's rather out of date nowadays. Not so long ago she and Krysten were fairly similar body wise, but Michelle has spent the last few years chunking up to a certain degree. It's nothing I would consider unattractive. She's just a little rounder than she used to be. There might be some who see that as a negative thing, but she still looks good to me.

As skinny bodies go, Krysten has one of the better ones. Sure, she's not really stacked or especially round, but she's not a rail either. There's a bit of a curve to her and an appealing length to her frame that I enjoy. I'm once again more drawn to Michelle here, even with her new thickness - or maybe even because of it. Still, where skinny girls are concerned, Krysten is one of my favorites.


The image above says everything about why I love dark beauties like Michelle. That witchy vibe they possess gives them a special allure that's so indicative of the ladies who conform to this look. They've got something kind of mysterious about them, kind of dangerous. They might be the cutest, most sweetest things on Earth as people, but that look is just the best kind of seduction.

Krysten also has that dark and dangerous thing just like Michelle, made even better when she wears sexy garters. Very nice. I'm rather fond of her character as well. She seems like a cool person, not given to fits of egotism but also not a pushover. I'm all about hotties looking good, but if they're also cool people, all the better.


Michelle has been a part of all sorts of productions over the years, some of them popular and long lasting, others not so much. Being the dark one in most of these shows means she's often the bitch of the bunch, who lives to create havoc for the sweeter and usually blonder main character. Such is the case for many a dark haired actress. That's probably why so many actresses go blonde, lest they stay the bitch for their whole career. Anyway, pigeonholing like that isn't what causes Michelle to lose my vote here. I suppose Krysten's stuff is just more on my radar.

Like Michelle, Krysten has a bunch of "girl shows" in her resume. And just as with Michelle, those shows often have Krysten playing the bitch. I think one of them even went so far as to call her a bitch in the title. If you're not a girl show fan, you probably know her best from Breaking Bad. Krysten's role as Jane was a pivotal one in that show, so much so that her character's fate resonated well into the finale, which happened 3 years after she left. Now she's got not one but two Marvel comic TV shows in the works. That's a great way to distance herself from those bitchy girl shows and do stuff guys like myself are actually interested in seeing.


I love me some dark hotties like these, which makes it hard to single out just one as a favorite. Krysten is great and I usually like what she does, but Michelle has the fascination factor going for her. She embodies all the things I love about such women. I can't deny the significance of that.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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