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Face Off: Michelle Rodriguez vs. Jordana Brewster

05.20.2013by: Droz

Another pitched battle in our previous Face Off episode between Elizabeth Banks and Kristen Bell. In the end, Ms. Banks won the day by a 24 to 16 vote, but a lot of you were pretty agonized about your choice. I'm with my girl Cherry on this one. I like them both, for different reasons.

Well we've got another FAST AND FURIOUS movie coming out this week. Perfect opportunity to put this franchise's two veteran hotties against each other and see how they compare. It's been a long time since the first movie came out and both Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster have come and gone from the F&F loop in that time. Still, they both clearly have a fondness for their characters Letty and Mia, to the point that even death is insufficient to prevent them from returning - sort of like a Star Trek with muscle cars. Now all we have to do is decide which one of these fast babes makes your heart beat faster. So who you got?


I shall abstain from voting here, because I'm just not feeling either of these ladies' beauty. They're not ugly. It's not like I can't look at them or that I'm disgusted with them. We've all got a face in our minds that we find particularly appealing and neither of these girls really conforms to the one in my head. Michelle is well known for wearing a grim scowl in a lot of her movies that's well suited to her often in-your-face characters. It doesn't work for me. Then again, her smile doesn't work for me either because I'm so used to her scowling all the time that a smile looks out of place on her. I guess I just like a happier, gentler sort of face.

Jordana isn't above a smile, but there's something happening there that doesn't work well for me either. Maybe it's how skinny she's become over the years. I probably would have given this one to her back when she was younger and softer in the first movie. She's way too severe for my softer face demands now.


So maybe I don't find Michelle the most beautiful woman out there, but I do enjoy her body. Girl is rockin' a sweet little frame that's plenty trim and athletic, but not to the point that she becomes either bony or too muscular. Michelle might be a little severe on screen, but she's got enough of a womanly look about her body to keep me happy. Though I suspect you'd have to approach her with caution. Girl looks like she could put a hurtin' on a guy with that powerful frame.

As far as Jordana goes here, it comes down to her being just a little thin for my tastes. She's not too bad there. I've seen worse as far as skinny bodies go. She's got a little bit of roundness to her in key areas which I can appreciate. This is just one of those categories where, given either option, I have to go with the other one.


Let's face it - Michelle Rodriguez is kinda scary. She's definitely not the sort to be f*cked with. There's something alluring about that kind of woman, but also intimidating. She's like a human thrill sport. Only instead of dangling precariously from extreme heights or risking imminent death from collisions with heavy machinery, Michelle could just flat out hurt you. That adds a bit of raw adrenaline to the whole courtship process that a lot of guys rarely get to experience.

I'm giving Jordana the tie vote here because I think there's also something to be said for the less aggressive approach. I mean, Jordana might be the aggressive type, I don't know. She doesn't seem that way to me. I find just as much hotness in a more diminutive woman as I find in aggressive types. I suppose they both appeal to different aspects of a guy, yet neither is more or less appealing to me.


Michelle got her start with movies like THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS and GIRLFIGHT, then went on to some good and bad stuff. You might like or dislike the RESIDENT EVIL movies. I'm pretty sure everyone was a fan of AVATAR. One could call her a bit of a one-trick pony, as she quite often plays the same sort of ass-kicking, aggressive woman in most of the movies she's does. Then again, she does it pretty well and I have yet to grow tired of her routine thus far.

Jordanna's resume doesn't have as much stuff to interest me. Although I did kind of enjoy D.E.B.S., for obvious reasons. She's done a lot of TV shows that I never watched and movies that didn't interest me. Even in the F&F movies, her character MIa seems to have reached a point of irrelevancy. It wouldn't surprise me if they find a way to bump her off, either in this upcoming movie or the subsequent sequels.


Look at that grimace. Michelle is going to kick your ass. Though I suspect an ass-kicking from Michelle wouldn't be all that different from hitting the sack with Michelle. Girl's not messing around with anything. Gotta respect that. You had better respect that.

Anyway, that's what I think. Which one is your pick?


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