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Face Off: Michelle Monaghan vs. Mandy Moore

01.16.2017by: Droz

I suppose the balance between last week's Face Off between Kate Beckinsale and Emmanuelle Chriqui was tipped pretty heavily in Kate's favor. I sometimes forget some hottie fan followings are greater than others. Me, I'm a fan of them all - even the one's I don't like so much.

Michelle Monaghan has been quite the busy bee lately. She's got two movies, SLEEPLESS and PATRIOTS DAY, out now. This week also sees the new season of her show The Path premiere on Hulu. No big surprise everyone wants her around. She's got many levels of goodness to her, much like Mandy Moore, who we've been getting back in touch with recently after a somewhat prolonged absence. I still remember these two as the hot, young things of the moment not too long ago. Now they're playing other characters' moms. So they go from the new hotties on the block, to world class MILFs. It's a natural progression. Which hottie with the double "M" monogram is your favorite?


Michelle does the hot mom thing more believably for me than Mandy, probably because out of the two of them, she is the only actual mom. I don't mean this as a knock against her. I speak as a big fan of MILFs. Yet when looking over the whole history we've had with these two, I must acknowledge my appreciation for Mandy's sweet face over Michelle's. Not by a vast margin though. Actually, they're kinda similar here, and not just because of their names.

Personal crises may have taken Mandy out of the mainstream for a bit, but the good news is she hasn't lost anything in the interim as far as her looks go. She's just as lovely now as she's always been. Although something tells me I'll have a hard time not flashing back to her younger days when the years begin to catch up with her. This sweet face of hers will be a tough one to put behind us.


It's impressive how well Michelle is holding up body wise. In fact, by the look of her here on the beach, it seems there's hardly any difference between then and now. Not bad at all for someone who just crossed the big 4-0 last year. Clearly she works hard keeping this body in tip top shape. Plus, she happens to have one of the finest asses out there. As an ass man, that last bit might be the most important factor of all here.

It's ironic how the one without kids is the one with the mom body. Yeah, Mandy isn't quite as svelte as she used to be, but she's far from past it. You've seen her in all these super low cut dresses lately. Some great stuff happening there. I feel it's only fair to give the win here to Michelle and all the effort she no doubt gives for her body. Maybe one day soon Mandy will get into gear on this. I wouldn't mind seeing her relive days of old.



This was a close one. Michelle has always had a potent hotness about her from the start and these two have both given us all kinds of great moments in this category. I have to give a slight edge to Mandy here, based entirely on my own, personal preferences. The quality mix created by the combination of her sweet face and great body has always been intoxicating to me. She might not be the tight little thing she used to be, but Mandy still keeps me pleased anyway.


You can't say these two have done the same kinds of things during their time on the scene. Michelle has a lot more action stuff on her CV, Mandy far more of the chick flick kinds of things. I wont attempt to say which of those genres is more valid than the other. I leave those decisions entirely up to the individual. Yet as bodies of work and all the professional accomplishments that come with them go, I find these two pretty much evenly matched.

←That too.


Many of us have had a special thing for these two, lasting several years by now. I guess it comes down to which one is more special each person's estimation. Looks like it's Mandy for me. I'm cool with that.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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