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Face Off: Melissa Benoist vs. Julianne Hough

05.08.2017by: Droz

Seemed like Priyanka Chopra and Zoe Saldana were evenly matched against each other in last week's Face Off. I'm kinda feeling torn about the two of them as well after going to see GOTG2 this weekend. Zoe looked amazing in her Gamora garb. I don't think I would leave things unspoken the way Pete did in that movie.

So it seems Melissa Benoist is going to be taking a break from her Supergirling this week so that she can ride around with some LOWRIDERS. Bit of an odd juxtaposition there, but whatever. I had a little trouble figuring out who to pit against Melissa. Who else is an adorable little 28-year-old hottie doing her thing on shows I don't watch? Sounds a bit like Julianne Hough, who has been shaking her hot ass on Dancing with the Stars and elsewhere for awhile now. She also does the odd movie from time to time. So while I'm not really into either of these two for their professional endeavors, for hotness they're always good to go. Which hottie's career are you happier to ignore?


Both these two have that girl next door thing happening in a great way here. If you're in need of a face to fall in love with, you could do a lot worse. These faces are why they chose Melissa to be the newest incarnation of Supergirl, since she has that perfect Kyptonian thing happening, and also why Julianne became America's sweetheart on DWTS. Both these two look exactly like the girl every parent hopes their son will bring home to dinner.

← Over there.


I like the sight of Melissa in her super suit. It's the coolness of a superhero look, coupled with the added excitement of a feminine shape. Out of the suit, she's a little too thin for my liking. I do appreciate her willingness to get naked and obviously the girl is in shape. I can see why others might be all about her here. Me, I gotta go with her competition on this one.

Someone who has made dancing such an integral part of her life for years understandably needs to be in tiptop shape. You'd think being in that kind of prime physical condition would forbid her from enjoying the kind of ass she has. Yet as it turns out, some women burn off their asses in extensive workouts and some only make them stronger and fuller. Julianne must be part of the latter group. I love that group.


I mentioned girls next door earlier. Melissa is very much that - maybe a little too much. Sometimes I get a weird kid sister feel about her. A brief flirtation with nudity notwithstanding, Melissa doesn't do much showing off in an overtly sexual way. She's always got one of those sweet smiles on her face and an adorable demeanor sufficient to make anyone smile right back. I'm sure it wouldn't take much to equalize these two for me on this matter, but for the moment I look at Julianne as the more obvious choice.

It's fairly easy to see just how much Julianne enjoys the limelight. I see her all the time having a ball with the attention she gets. She's also keen on making sure that attention sticks around. It's become routine to see her wearing super hot bikinis, tight workout leggings, sexy dresses, and all kinds of other stuff designed to put her body front and center where it belongs. Nice to see someone with their priorities straight.


So obviously by the sounds of things in the intro, I'm not a devoted fan of the shows these two have appeared on. Nor do their adventures on the big screen offer much in the way of entertainment value for me. What can I say? I always thought Supergirl was a goofy character and there's nothing so far outside my bailiwick than a stupid dancing show. So I guess I gotta judge based on how much they've done, rather than what they've done. Seems to me like Melissa has the more substantial list there. Even so, it's all a pass for me thus far.

← Again, over there.


These two prove no one can be everything to everyone. I couldn't care less about what they do for fame and fortune, but as hotties they're fantastic. That said, where hotness is concerned, I find myself looking more toward Julianne here. But then it's hard not to look at her.

Just one man's opinion. Which one you got?


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