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Face Off: Marion Cotillard vs. Eva Green

10.15.2012by: Droz

There were a few of you in last week's Face Off who gave a vote to Jessica Alba, but the vast majority were much more down for Anne Hathaway. I don't know if that's merely a career performance preference or a personality thing, or just a sign that the love affair with Jess is truly over. Whatever it is, it's clear that folks aren't digging on Jessica the way they used to back in the naughts. Message received.

Ahhh, French chicks. Something about those ladies that oozes sexuality and sensuality. They just seem to know how to rock the seductive hotness - like it's something they're taught from birth. It must be all that wine they drink. Everybody's walking around tipsy on that vintage Cabernet Sauvignon, making eyes at each other and loosening those inhibitions. There are plenty of hottie Frenchies out there, but selecting a couple of them our Face Off purposes here came down to two ladies who have not only made a name for themselves here in the States, but all over the world as well. These would be the gorgeous Marion Cotillard and Eva Green - two ladies who embody that French chick appeal. Quelle est la femme la plus sexy de France? Allons voir maintenant.


Marion is what I think of when I consider the essence of French beauty. She's got a refined, graceful face that would engrave beautifully on a coin to serve as representative to an entire nation. That's probably why folks like Woody Allen choose her for their sentimental strolls back to the past. She's just got a timeless quality about her, like you could drop her into any time in European history, or anybody's history for that matter, and she'd still be the most unique, beautiful thing anyone had ever seen.

So where Marion looks like something ripped from an old master's portrait painting, Eva's beauty comes more from the vibe she puts out there. She's a woman who knows how to work her eyes to bewitch any poor soul who happens to make eye contact with her. There's a mystery there behind those eyes - like something brewing beneath the surface that one can't help but be intrigued about. Another thing about both these ladies is that they can each go without any make up and still be gorgeous. Which says a lot right there about their beauty.


There's nothing at all wrong with Marion's body. I think she's got a very sexy, beautifully proportioned frame. Certainly nothing about her body that anyone couldn't find endless hours of enjoyment in. If someone does or doesn't get a nod in this category it's simply because I don't want to do two ties in a row.

That being said, it is a well known fact that Eva's seduction abilities go from "high" to "off the scales" when she disrobes. That's what happens when you have a face like hers, coupled with her beautifully nude self, which is just as gorgeous a body as Marion's. It's both the alluring face and hot body conspiring to rob you of any remaining willpower you might have hung onto after being hypnotized by her all powerful eyes.


I'm sure Marion has plenty of methods and techniques to reference in that feminine wiles bag-of-tricks most women carry around with them. She really doesn't need anything more than that charming face of hers and perhaps her sexy French accent to unload a ton of seduction on anyone. Unfortunately, either by practice or by nature, Eva's got the leading edge when it comes to being the seducer.

Eva seems to be in the business of being seductive at all times. Or at least, that's the impression she gives to her public. Though it's just as likely that her seduction is not merely skin deep. With the kinds of roles she plays, which almost always involve some kind of sexually liberated or sexual perverse character, it's not a stretch to think that wicked side she does very little to hide is not just an affectation - at least, I like to believe it isn't.


Marion has racked up quite an impressive array of big name movies in the last few years, while also working with the biggest names in the biz. Much of that is thanks to Christopher Nolan, who it would seem is her most ardent fan, seeing as how she's in practically all his movies lately. And rightfully so. In addition to being a classic beauty, she's also quite a talented actress. I expect to see a lot more of her in high profile roles in the future.

Eva's career has been a little shorter and a little more mixed as far as successes go. That being said, she's still had a number of memorable roles on her resume, the most illustrious being her role as one of the most remarkable Bond girls, perhaps ever. CASINO ROYALE's Vesper Lynd was quite a feather in the cap of a woman only on her 4th movie role at the time. Though, I was tempted to go for another tie here just for her first movie, Bernardo Bertolucci's THE DREAMERS. You might remember that movie featured her in full frontal nudity seemingly the whole movie. I'm gonna be good though and pretend that I'm more concerned about overall career performance here. She was so hot in that movie though. Damn.


Another Face Off where I was very tempted to start putting up tied categories across the board. I love both these ladies, but if I am to be honest, Eva does make my heart beat a little faster. She's just a cauldron of walking, talking, angry and emotional sexuality. Probably not the best thing for someone to indulge in too often, as such cauldrons do have a tendency to boil over quite easily. That's not always a bad thing, though. Just try to keep from getting burned.

C'est mon choix. Quelle est la v˘tre?
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