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Face Off: Margot Robbie vs. Olivia Wilde

02.23.2015by: Droz

It was a clear win for Rosamund Pike over Felicity Jones in the last Face Off, although they both lost out on an Oscar this year. That's okay, since I suspect this wont be the last time we see either one of these ladies in the running for a bald guy.

Both Margot Robbie and Olivia Wilde have movies coming out this week. Margot has her "conromcom" FOCUS and Olivia her near death horror story THE LAZARUS EFFECT. Sounds like a good enough pretense for a comparison. So which one of these two fine specimens of female perfection looks like the better choice for you?


I was understandably distracted from Margot's face when I first laid eyes on her in THE WOLF OF WALL STREET. Later on it became obvious that she is a standout beauty. I'm especially taken with her big, blue eyes - two powerfully expressive pools of blue. Margot has some nice, full lips as well. She's also a new addition to the rather exclusive club of hotties I prefer as a blonde.

Yeah, Liv as Quorra from TRON is not exactly her standard look. That's okay though, because that character is a good example of Olivia's knack for looking beautiful now matter how wildly configured. Sure, she's got that sharp jawline situation happening (something I usually don't like). Not even that can make me any less appreciative of her pretty face.


Most of us know full well that Margot has a great body. That goes without saying. For some she may even have the perfect body. For others, just an okay one. I'm certain there are a few other hotties out there who impress me more here, but when compared in overall body quality to her competitor, Margot seems evenly matched to me.

Olivia has one of those skinny bodies I give a pass to because it's hers. I don't do that for many, but being as big a fan of Olivia as I am makes her the exception to my usual preference for the curvy hotties. Even after becoming a wife and mom, two things that can conspire to put a dent in a hottie's sexy body having skills, I still enjoy Olivia's body.


This is a tough one. Again, I'm thinking of Margot's fine, naked ass. How could that not be hot? The answer is that it is, indeed, very hot. However, to select a winner here I'm going with lifetime achievements in hotness. Looking at it that way, Olivia wins it in a walk.

I don't think I've ever seen Olivia be anything but the sexy thing she is. Think about all the great moments of hotness she's brought us over the years. She's one of those actresses who gets cast with the understanding that she has to look her best. Even when she's playing a raised-from-the-dead, black-eyed demon person thing, like she is in her new movie, she's still a demon thing you want to bang the shit out of.


Margot has been on the international scene for a relatively short time. It wasn't too long ago that she was best known for Australian soap operas. Now she's starring alongside DiCaprio and Smith. That's an impressive rise in 4 short years. She's also about to team up again with Will Smith to play Harley Quinn in the Suicide Squad movie - a role I'm sure came with with a ton of competition and expectation. Clearly they're digging Ms. Robbie, but for now I think Olivia ranks her, if only just in bodies of work.

Olivia is all over the map as far as the kinds of roles she takes. She does dramas, comedies, big budget, small budget, TV, movies, internet shorts. She stars, she co-stars, she cameos. You never can tell what she's going to show up in, but that openness to pretty much anything has allowed her to rack up a sizable list of gigs over the years. Doesn't look like she's near done adding to that list either.


I'm going with legacy over the new hotness here. I'm fully chuffed to have Margot do her sexy thing for as long as she likes, but I'm even more thrilled to have had Liv to look at and lust after all these years.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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