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Face Off: Margot Robbie vs. Morena Baccarin

08.01.2016by: Droz

Even though I went with Mila Kunis, ya'll made sure Kristen Bell had the clear win in last week's Face Off. Kristen is a cutie, but I'm content to be all about Mila. It's a history thing.

Well, this is the big week when we find out if all the months of speculation and anticipation about SUICIDE SQUAD have been worth our time. I've got my fingers crossed. For some reason I have an extra stake in this one turning out well - more so than most other movies this summer. That's probably because of Margot Robbie, who based on all the clips and trailers we've seen, looks poised to steal the show as Harley Quinn. It wasn't quite the same situation for Morena Baccarin in my current favorite movie of 2016, DEADPOOL. But then it's a tough job to steal the show from Ryan Reynolds when he's on a roll as the wise ass anti-superhero. Still, it's usually Morena we're watching with pretty much anything she's in. So now we have two hotties who excel at drawing the eye. But only one can win. Who's your scene-stealing hottie of choice?


Most people north of the equator became aware of Margot's beauty with WOLF OF WALL STREET. That is, if you even noticed her face in that one. I wouldn't blame you if you didn't. I think I first saw her a little earlier in the now defunct TV series Pan Am, playing an airline stewardess from the 60s. No matter when you first noticed Margot, it's always been clear she's a stone cold fox destined to go down as one of the great beauties of the big screen.

Tough one here. We gotta make a call between hotties from two of the world's best places for beautiful women - Australia and Brazil. Seems a bit like sacrilege to me to try and say one is better than the other. Morena had one of the most profound impacts on me way back in the day on my oft praised Firefly. It still amazes me how anyone could be so beautiful as she was then and continues to be today. She does make miracles happen here.


As I just said, the gold standard for Margot Robbie body moments is pretty much every scene she had in WOLF OF WALL STREET. Since then Margot has gotten a little less trim. She's not in any way fat - just a little less toned. This isn't a bad thing in my estimation. I like it when they have a little more to them. The weird thing to me is how putting on some extra weight hasn't done much to fill Margot out. She's still kinda flat in places I prefer be round. Even so, I still wouldn't hesitate. Not for a second.

Morena is kind of like Margot in that she's not nearly as bombastic as some others from her homeland. Yet as we've seen in recent years, her body ain't nothing to snicker at. Girl has a length to her build, which includes a pair of long legs. She also has the most elegant, cello-shaped hips I've ever seen. If there's anything more beautiful about Morena than her face, it's gotta be her bod.


Margot and Morena have a sensual way about them which they convey without a word. You only have to look at them doing virtually anything to get a dose of it. They even sound hot, especially Margot with her gravelly Aussie accent. There are also the roles they choose and the sorts of imagery they put out. Hell, even the clothes they wear do it for me. I can't think of anything Margot or Morena do that doesn't come with a certain special hotness. It's just how they are.

There are all sorts of reasons why one might find Morena hot. Just looking at her should be reason enough for anyone, but I can think of quite a few more. There's the Brazilian thing, which gives her an exotic quality (particularly when she speaks her native Portuguese). Then there's the sexual quality many of her roles have (stripper, concubine, horny housewife, hot alien). I could make a big list, but you get the idea.


If everything goes to plan, Margot's turn as Harley Quinn could very well be her breakout performance - the role which elevates her to a whole other level of stardom. At this point, however, she feels like she's on a somewhat less substantial level compared to Morena. Not only are her roles fewer in number and significance, but also her geek/fanboy cred is a little lacking, at least for now. Obviously the hope is for things to change there fast. I believe Margot has what it takes to make that happen.

What do you think? Is this pic above Margot's best scene ever? There are so many. How do you rank them? One of my favorites was when she put the "bi" in "concubine" in that famous episode of Firefly. I come back to that one a lot. Looking at Morena is good enough, but when she walks and talks and emotes as an actress, her effect gets even better. The stuff she's in might not always be good, but Morena herself always is, by one way or another.


These two are both so great in so many ways. It kinda sucks to pick just one. In the end, it's all the great things about Morena and those wonderful moments we've had with her which win my vote. My hope is one day we'll have just as many great reasons to love Margot as well.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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