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Face Off: Margot Robbie vs. Emma Watson

08.24.2015by: Droz

It appeared that Selena Gomez had the advantage over Demi Lovato in last week's Face Off. I wont debate that. Selena is good for plenty of provocative moments, but Demi is no slouch there either. These two really should bury the hatchet. With their combined sexiness, they could end these divisive comparisons and bring hotness to the galaxy.

Margot Robbie and Emma Watson at one time had two movies opening up this week. Margot still has her post-apocalyptic survivor's movie Z FOR ZACHARIAH coming out, but Emma's psychological thriller, REGRESSION, was pushed back for some reason. Perhaps they didn't want these two competing with each other at the box office. That's okay though, because believe it or not, it was 15 years ago, almost to the day, when Emma and her co-stars, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint, were announced as the stars of the first HARRY POTTER movie. Just a little fun fact to usher you Millennials into the wonderful world of soul-crushing nostalgia over your vanishing youth. Welcome to the club.

Emma and Margot are two of the most popular women of their generation right now, but they're also quite different, with far different arrivals on the world class hottie scene. Margot is the glamorous Aussie show off, Emma the more subdued and sweet English rose. It was Margot's undeniable sex appeal that launched her into the big time, unlike Emma's adolescent wizardry roots. They do have a few things in common though. For one thing, they're the same age. Actually, Emma is slightly older than Margot, which just seems odd. They also have their own legions of loyal fans, all enraptured by what the two of them bring to the table. Which one of these two gives you that raptured feeling?


Margot has quickly risen up on my list of favorite faces. Her seductive eyes and full lips like ripe cherries both tempt me and make my mouth water whenever I see her. Even in that Harley Quinn garb, she was still jaw-dropping. She might even be at her most beautiful in that clownish Harley makeup, all beat up and bruised. I still couldn't take my eyes off her all through that SUICIDE SQUAD trailer, nor in most other things she's done. Girl is amazing here.

One long-running characteristic of the English is a penchant for the austere. They're not big on show offs over there. Perhaps that's why Emma seems content with a relatively modest appearance, which frequently leaves out any glitzy makeup. The effect of this minimalist approach to glamour is that tomboy thing that's become Emma's default look. It doesn't make her ugly really - just too boyish for my tastes. I like her better when she lets a little glamour creep in.


I don't have to remind any of you Margot fans what she's working with in the body department. You've seen WOLF OF WALL STREET. Those of you not in the know there should get up to speed with some NSFW gifs of the awesome Aussie's bare ass immediately. Girl has about as hittable a bod as any I've run across in recent times. I can't find fault with any of her.

Unlike HARRY POTTER himself, Emma hasn't been in much of a hurry to show off the entirety of her bod thus far into her career. I'm of two minds on Emma doing that. Would I like to see her naked? Sure. Would I feel good about myself afterward? I'm not so sure. She's not a little kid anymore, but I still kind of think of her that way. Regardless of my feelings, what we have seen of Emma's bod seems to indicate that, were she to take it all off, it would be a very good thing.


Depending on how this SUICIDE SQUAD movie turns out, it could be that one day soon Margot will also find a great deal of her hottie cred attached to a particular movie franchise. That process has already begun to happen, thanks to that excellent trailer. For now, she's a free agent where getting sexy goes and she makes use of that freedom by showing off what she's got in many of her roles. It helps that Margot has so much to show and is so damn good at doing so - one of the best I've seen in some time.

There's no doubt about Emma's capacity to be hot. If you saw the BLING RING, you know that. I'm a fan of some of her magazine spreads as well. As good as Emma's new hottie endeavors are, they still don't quite compare to what Margot has accomplished as a sex symbol. It would be outstanding if Emma ever got it into her head to catch up with Margot here, but she'd have a lot of work ahead of her there.


Margot hasn't had it as easy as Emma in this area. No ready-made, multi-billion dollar movie franchises for her. She's had to pay her dues. Yet with hard work and a little luck, Margot has arrived on the cusp of megastardom. Hopefully this Harley Quinn role in SUICIDE SQUAD will put her over the edge there. Yet even without that movie, I'd still like what Margot does as an actress. Yeah, her movies haven't generated as much money as Emma's, but I like her presence in those movies. She's just fun to watch, in more ways than one.

Emma continues to ride pretty high on that POTTER wave. It's still the biggest thing either she or Margot have done with their time in front of a camera. It's one of the biggest things anyone has done anywhere in the movie business. I'm not much of a Potter fan, but I can't deny the significance of those movies and the role Emma plays in them. As for her actual acting skills, the jury feels like it's still out. Sometimes she's good, sometimes not so much. I'd like to see her take on more serious work, but being so synonymous with Hermione makes it questionable if she'll ever get a chance to do that.


To sum up my thoughts on these two, it's Margot who owns the sex appeal and Emma the pop culture cred. That's a balance poised to shift in the months and years to come as these two both pursue bigger and better things. Right now, it seems Margot's literal new hotness is where I'm at.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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