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Face Off: Margot Robbie vs. Alexandra Daddario

01.02.2017by: Droz

It didn't feel like either Zoey Deutch or Saoirse Ronan had a clear cut advantage in our last Face Off. They're both beautiful and are probably going to be recurring names in a lot of stuff from now on, so that's probably right on the money.

Well another year has drawn to a close, which means we have a new HOTY. Unfortunately for Margot Robbie, her movies in 2016 had a way of either tanking or just not going over very well with ciritics and/or viewers. This illustrates a great thing about Margot where even in mediocre stuff, she still manages to shine. You could say the same thing about 2015's HOTY winner, Alexandra Daddario. She has also done her fair share of so-so stuff in the past, but like Margot, Alexandra was usually the best part of those productions. So here we are, with two amazing Hotties of the Year to choose from. Only one can be the best of the best of the best? Which one?


At this level of hottie goodness, picking one over the other is fairly meaningless. It's not like there's some glaring deficiency with either one in most of these categories. Margot is beautiful in a way even Hollywood rarely sees. I'm not sure if there is such a thing as a distinctly Aussie look, but if there is she's definitely got it. I'm a little more on Alexandra's side because of her awesome eye action. Aside from that, these two measure up just about equally.

I'm not going to say Alexandra is perfect in every way here. There are times when I find her less attractive than at other times. Fortunately nobody is perfect - not even the best of us. The point is when she's in the groove here, she possesses the most amazing face you'll ever see. It's like angels and the prettiest girl in your school melded into one and capped off by the two most incredible blue eyes nature ever came up with. She's an almost unbelievable mix of goodness here.


I suppose the easiest way to resolve this one is to compare nude scenes. Think about Margot's awesome full frontal shots from WOLF OF WALL STREET. Pretty great, right? For sure. You see that scene passed around the Web again and again in gifs of all sorts, particularly when there's a Margot movie out. Yet as good as her nakedness was, I'm going to go ahead and put Alexandra's nude scene above it, both in terms of fan fondness and quality of body. Alex has a tough bod to beat.

Does Alexandra own the finest set of boobs in the world? It's quite possible. Is her True Detective scene still the best almost 3 years later? Arguably, yes. It's one of those rare times when one has the opportunity to evaluate nearly every square inch of a hottie's body, with not a stitch of clothing getting in the way. I know this for a fact because if there's any nude scene gif more passed around than Margot's, it's gotta be Alexandra's. I've seen it a million times, yet every time it pops up again, I still drop everything and watch it. Alexandra disrobed will never, ever get old.


I really wanted to pick a winner on this one, as the question of who's hotter is probably the most pertinent question with these two. But I honestly don't know who to choose. Margot has got so many things going for her here, with greatness of looks and body being merely two entries in a big list of great things. You can also say the same about Alexandra. I might be able to call one prettier than the other or better built, but hotness truly does ooze from them both in equal measure.

← On your left.


It's a shame SUICIDE SQUAD was such a disappointment. I think many of us had high hopes it would be more than it ended up being. Even if the movie was a letdown overall, it did at least one thing right in giving Margot a chance to shine. I'm not just talking about hot pants and pink hair either. She owned Harley Quinn. If there's any future at all for the characters of this movie, it's going to be on the strength of her performance and her skills as an actress.

Doing one of the best nude scenes ever will get you noticed, to say the least. It certainly made Alexandra a lot more popular than she was. She's not quite on the A-list yet though. Seems like they're still waiting for her to show something besides a killer bod. I'm pretty sure her second big break is not going to be the BAYWATCH movie, but then who knows. As things stand now, I think it's safe to say Alex hasn't quite reached Margot's level.


Career wise, you can't get much more hot than Margot right now. On a physical level, however, Alexandra is probably the safest bet around, so it seems I got my money on her.


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