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Face Off: Maggie Grace vs. Emilie de Ravin

01.05.2015by: Droz

Despite some spirited hate and love being shown for both Alexandra Daddario and Eva Green alike in last week's Face Off, you guys still managed to voice hatred and love in equal measure. You know what that means? Yep, nude Eva and Alexandra baby oil fight for the hottest hottie prize. We'll bring that to you as soon as it never happens.

We're getting a third TAKEN movie this week, which will supposedly be the final in the series. The end of a trilogy is usually where premises start to fray, so don't be surprised if this one strains a bit toward the finish line. At least everyone is back, among them Maggie Grace, who you will remember as the frequently endangered daughter to Liam Neeson's international ass-kicking character. Despite being a regular fixture in these movies, Maggie still makes me think of Lost and a time when I thought well of that show. I have the same instant Lost nostalgia with Emilie de Ravin. That brings us to the big question, namely which of these Lost hotties would you rescue from the island? Find your favorite below.


Though these ladies are beautiful as natural blondes, I still think differently of how they each handle that condition. With Maggie I'm the same as with most blondes, in that I prefer her as a brunette, which is how they have her sorted in the TAKEN movies. The weird thing about that is she looks totally different as a brunette - so different that I almost didn't recognize her in the first TAKEN. Is it insulting that I like her when she's unrecognizable? Maybe, but that's where I'm at regardless.

I don't know if there's such a thing as hotties being characteristically Australian, but if there is then Emilie is one of the best in that bunch. I've been in love with her sweet face for years. Emilie is also one of the few blondes who I actually prefer as a blonde. She just doesn't look right with her dark hair on Once Upon A Time. That might sound like I just got used to her looking a certain way, but I don't think so. It's just like with Maggie's radical shift in looks when she goes with a darker hair color. Only in Emilie's case, I'm not as enthusiastic about the change.


I'm sure most of us who watched Lost have fond memories of Maggie in that bikini on the beach, sunning amidst pieces of crashed jetliner and pieces of her fellow passengers. You may also have enjoyed her nude pool dip on Californication. It's all perfectly good stuff. Normally I like to reward those who do us the service of getting naked, but in this case I still have to go with Emilie.

I'm not going to attempt to judge these two on the quality of their bodies, as I think they stand on fairly equal ground there. It's Emilie's petite frame that sets these two apart for me. At a pygmy-like 5 foot 2 inches, I've got about a foot on her. Call it a fetish, but I love that. Those are the kinds of hotties a tall guy can literally sweep off their feet, and that just for starters.


The thing I like the most about Maggie is her girl next door quality. Who doesn't love those kinds of hotties? Sweet faces and hot bodies with a lovable demeanor? No one can resist that. Even more impressive is how Maggie hangs onto that youthful essence, even as she enters her 30s. Maggie also kind of reminds me of a somewhat less buxom Gemma Arterton, especially when she's a brunette. That alone is good enough for hotness.

Poor Emilie. For years her greatest claim to fame was scuttling around on beaches 9 months pregnant, or in various other states of being that never gave her a chance to be anything but a cute damsel in distress. Meanwhile, all the other hot chicks got to run around in tight jeans and bikinis and whatnot. Her Once Upon A Time show hasn't proven much better for outrageous hottie moments. Good thing then that we got magazine spreads like the one above, which have given Emilie plenty of opportunities to show off all the potential she has in this category.


I wouldn't call myself a fanatical follower of Maggie or Emilie, nor what they do in their various productions. They're not bad actors and occasionally they do show up in something I like. However, apart from the movies and TV shows already mentioned, there's not a whole lot there for me. I wont fault them for my pickiness though, so I'm giving them a tie vote.

← That.


These two are both sexy sweet hotties, thus making it a bit of a pain to call one better than the other. But then I found the above pic of Emile, which pretty much clinched it for me. What an angel she is.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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