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Face Off: Madelaine Petsch vs. Zoey Deutch

08.21.2017by: Droz

There are so many categories of hottie one can compile. You got your blonde hotties, your MILF hotties, your old school hotties - the list goes on and on. I'm not sure where to put this week's Face Off hotties Madelaine Petsch and Zoey Deutch. They fit into a few different categories. One of them is a famous daughter hottie, the other is a natural redhead hottie. They're both TV show hotties and relatively new hotties on the scene. It might be more expedient to simply say that both Madelaine and Zoey are hotties on multiple levels. Which highly qualified hottie is your favorite?


It's been less than a year since I first became aware of Madelaine's goodness in this area, but in that short amount of time she's achieved high orders of beauty on par with women I've enjoyed for years. Obviously there's the red hair, which is about as glorious as any I've ever seen. Her beauty isn't all about that though. She's also got a sexy set of full lips, beautiful brown eyes, and porcelain skin. Madelaine embodies everything I love about women with her look.

I wont say the only factor Zoey has going for her here is the similarity she has to her mom. That is a big part of it though. For children of the 80s and probably more than a few who followed, Lea Thompson was a huge crush. She certainly was for me. There are times when Zoey is almost like 80s Lea come forward in time. But then there are other times when her own, unique goodness as a beauty comes out. Girl is gorgeous no matter how you chose to appreciate her.


I didn't need to see Madelaine in a tight skirt to know I liked her. However, these shots of her on the movie premiere red carpet took the energy of her hotness to a whole higher order of magnitude. Dat ass alone is a thing of magnificence I was vaguely aware of before hand, yet still not entirely prepared for. when I finally saw it perfectly contoured here. Now I desperately need to see more of this booty, preferably in something far more revealing.

I keep coming back to the many different angles of Zoey in this bikini on the DIRTY GRANDPA set, as it is thus far the best shot we have of her goodness in the body area. And she does have a lot of goodness there, don't get me wrong. However, Madelaine's goodies are better, IMO. The day we get some decent bikini pics of her pale skin booty are going to be epic.


One of the more frustrating things about some hottie celebs is having the knowledge of their hotness potential, yet never seeing this potential fully realized. We're still waiting for both Madelaine and Zoey to come forth with a really good showing of what they can do here. Pics like these here do demonstrate the great things in store for us, should we be fortunate enough to see them take the plunge into some serious R-rated content.

← Please get nekkid, Zoey and Madelaine.


Madelaine's Riverdale show is starting to draw a lot of attention going into its second season on The CW. Should she cross over into a movie career or otherwise continue on a path of increasing fame, this show will definitely be the launch pad by which she achieves further career success. As it stands now, I feel like Zoey is a bit ahead of Madelaine in terms of career achievements. But you never know what's to come. Madelaine could catch up real quick.

Like Madelaine, Zoey cut her teeth in the biz by starring in various TV shows. Since then she's made a relatively successful crossover into a movie career, with a number of films to her credit. It still feels like she's waiting for a big hit there. Thus far Zoey has specialized in either smaller, indie type movies, or relatively shitty movies. Too bad for her they got that kibosh on any BTTF remakes. While I wholeheartedly agree that there should be no further BTTF movies, part of me does kinda want to know what it would be like to see Zoey play Lorraine Baines McFly.


What can I say? I have enough trouble as it is coming to a decision about most of the women we compare here. Two gorgeous, sexy, and talented young hotties like Madelaine and Zoey are just too much for my decision-making skills to handle.

Just one man's opinion. Which one you got?


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