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Face Off: Lucy Liu vs. Zhang Ziyi

11.26.2012by: Droz

What, you guys not into the Indian women? Poor fools. Anyway, those of you who did vote last week gave Aishwarya Rai the win over Freida Pinto in our last Face Off. Keep in mind folks that these are not about making unbiased comparisons. We're talking about personal preferences now. Yes, Aishwarya has a much more substantial movie career than Freida, but that doesn't really matter to someone who doesn't like her movies. Spielberg has a lot more stuff on his resume than Paul Thomas Anderson, but you wouldn't necessarily say Spielberg is always going to be better just because he's done more stuff. I know that comparison really doesn't apply to Aishwarya and Freida, but you get where I'm coming from.

Anyway, on our continuing mission to find new regional hotties to compare, we leave the second most populated country in the world and arrive in the most populated. Yes, it's the place where all your shit comes from - that fabled land that invented paper, gunpowder, the martial arts and really huge, long walls. That's right, we're off to China. All you psychos out there currently enjoying your cheap ass, Black Friday flat screen deals owe a debt of gratitude to those fine people of China who toiled for peanuts so you could watch your porn in high-def. Those of us who find a special kind of beauty in the lovely ladies from this part of the world also stand indebted to this ancient land. Two exquisite examples of such beauty are Lucy Liu and Zhang Ziyi. They're both full-blooded Chinese hotties, though only one of them actually comes from there. Does that have an effect on which Chinese hottie you'd like to have an import/export arrangement with? Let's find out.


Lucy isn't ugly, but I'm not as enthusiastic about her facial features as I am with Zhang's. There's nothing specific I can point to that would put Zhang ahead of Lucy here. I've never looked at Lucy and felt disgusted or even indifferent about her looks. In fact, I give her high points for looks. Maybe it's just an unconscious thing, but compared to Zhang, she's gets the silver medal.

I'm trying not to get too caught up in the whole Asian girl fetish thing. That being said, when I think about the loveliness of such ladies, I often think of Zhang. She embodies all the best features the hotties from this part of the world possess by nature. I'm not sure what it is about their look that's so fascinating. Perhaps it's that delicate beauty ladies like Zhang possess that triggers some protective instinct within the male mind. Whatever it is that makes the Asian ladies so attractive, Zhang has tons of it.


Tough call on this one. Lucy's body is pretty damn great, though somewhat different from Zhang's. They both originate, at least genetically, from the same part of the world, but Lucy's American upbringing seems to have given her a bit more substance in the body department. Not to suggest that she's fat, because she totally isn't at all. She's just got the more substantial frame of a westerner. Impossible to know if that's a nature or nurture thing, but whatever it is, I like it.

Zhang is much more prototypical of your average Asian hottie, with that tiny, petite frame. She looks like what we tend to expect from the ladies from this part of the world, namely super slim bodies many western ladies tend do unbelievably unhealthy things to get. That tininess has become a selling point in her career, making her the unlikely ass-kicker in a number of martial arts movies. Normally I'm not all that big on such frames, but on Zhang it works - in more ways than one.


Maybe Lucy is at a disadvantage for not having rumors of pervasive prostitution in her life, but I had to go with one or the other here and Lucy unfortunately loses out. Does that mean Lucy's not hot? Of course not. Girl is smokin' and in possession of more than enough hotness for anyone's needs.

I was rather incredulous about all the prostitution speculation concerning Zhang when it first came out. She doesn't seem the type who would want or need to engage in such activities. Why someone would start spreading those rumors is anyone's guess. Still, it did bring her down to Earth a bit. Zhang's beauty, in concordance with many of her roles we westerners have seen, gives her an untouchable air that would seem to place her beyond reach of most people. With this controversy, she's stopped being an untouchable and become a real woman, with the same needs, desires and potential for slander as anyone. It might be unfair that scandal creates this sort of perspective, but there it is regardless. Plus, she looks really hot in a bikini.


Lucy has done a few things here and there that appeal to me, KILL BILL being the one that comes to mind first. She's also done a lot more stuff that doesn't interest me. Which is ironic, because she's a great actress and when I do see her in something, even if it's not my thing, I still like her in it. Just wish she'd do more stuff that I find interesting or even entertaining. Maybe give the kids shows and bad martial arts movies a rest for awhile.

We don't see a much of what Zhang does over here in the States. She used to do more western movies, but as of late has seemed content to stick with mostly Chinese productions. However, what she has done has been pretty memorable stuff and even game-changing from time to time. Most of that has been martial arts stuff, which she does well. She's always fun to look at, but even more so when she's playing the most unlikeliest of sword-wielding hotties.


Pretty strong win for Zhang here. She's is quite a creature - beautiful, built and talented. I could say the same about Lucy, though she's just not hitting me as hard in those 3 categories as Zhang does. Still, as a fan of the Asian ladies, one would be very fortunate to have either one of these two at their side.

That's my choice. Which is yours?
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