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Face Off: Lizzy Caplan vs. Gillian Jacobs

09.05.2016by: Droz

What's this? Everyone agreeing with me about Carla Gugino defeating Rachel Weisz in a Face Off? That's a little weird. I'm not used to having a near unanimous agreement with one of my choices here. But then I suppose the laws of probability make such a thing inevitable at some point. And Carla is a powerful hot woman. Hard to deny that.

This week sees the premiere of the new season of Showtime's Masters of Sex, also known as the current best place to see gratuitous amounts of Lizzy Caplan nudity while she gets it on in some fairly realistic-looking sex scenes. She's been a reliable source for such scenes during her time as a TV regular. Not exactly the same story with Lizzy's competition Gillian Jacobs, although she had some hot moments recently on her Netflix series Love. Apart from being hot, we know these two for bringing the funny in a variety of movies and shows, as well as for taking on more dramatic roles from time to time. Which of these sexy crossover hotties is your choice?


Lizzy has had a different kind of thing going on with her looks over the years. She's probably what some might consider an unconventional beauty. That might sound like a knock to some, but I don't see it that way. She's always looked good to me precisely because being beautiful in her own way sounds way better than being cookie cutter. I gotta go with Gillian here because of with her I have the history, but I gladly gaze into Lizzy's big, pretty eyes any chance I get.

Most people seemed to think Alison Brie had the cuteness factor all sewn up on Community. She was adorable on there, no question. However, the longer I watched that show, the more taken I was with Gillian - to the point that by the time their show finally came to a close, I was 50-50 on who was the better beauty. Since then Gillian has gone on to other roles, where she's been similarly adorable. She somehow manages to be adorable even when she isn't trying to be. I kinda like that.


Lizzy is one of the view in her line of work who I can comment on here in almost complete detail, thanks to her willingness to take it off for quite a few roles. Such behavior has always been one of my benchmarks for a truly great hottie, and Lizzy doesn't disappoint there. She might be a little skinnier than what I usually find ideal, but this is a minor gripe. The truth is, waiting for her to get out of them throwback clothes is one of the best things about her show. And when she finally does so, it's always must see TV.

While Lizzy is always taking it off, Gillian seems to be against the idea. We saw her go nude in 2008's CHOKE, something I'm sure most Gillian fans approved of. Since then she's been hesitant to give her boobs a repeat performance. That's a shame, because indications point to her being nicely put together. Gillian's naughty bits boycott was made even more frustrating with her Love show, for which she kept covered in scenes where nudity was a no brainer, or came real close to letting something slip out without ever really doing so. I wish she wouldn't play with our emotions like that. Take it off, or don't. There is no happy medium.


I don't know Lizzy personally, but indications point to her having something of an open mind where sexuality goes. Many of the on screen personas she's chosen to play over the years are touched by a certain sexual dynamism and freedom of mind I can only conclude reflect aspects of Lizzy's real life personality. Either that or she's attempting to be someone totally different from herself in all these sex-charged roles, which I doubt is the case. My uninformed opinion is that Lizzy is a total sex beast. Or maybe I just want to believe so. Either way, it sounds good to me.

I suppose if I sat down and counted up all the sexy moments we've had with Gillian they'd probably be about the same as Lizzy, though without the naked moments I mentioned above. Even so, I still don't get quite the same sex beast feeling from Gillian as I do Lizzy. They both know how to turn it up there when the situation calls for it, but Lizzy's fire hose of hotness has slightly more dousing power for me. It's just a shame Gillian wasn't given any more chances to play Goth Britta on Community - one of the most weirdly hot moments that show ever had.


Looking at the individual bodies of work for these two doesn't seem to provide a clear winner here in my opinion. They've both contributed to beloved series and good movies in their time and I've usually been happy to see them both in pretty much anything. They also have a knack for sharp, witty comedy which frequently delves into the sarcastic, even sardonic at times. These are probably my favorite kinds of comedy, so comedians/actresses who can wield them effectively instantly become my my kind of women.



Strange. I was initially planning to go with Gillian, but then I remembered how much I like Lizzy too. I suspect I'm secretly split on these two, despite what the check marks say. So ultimately I end up overruling myself here. Not the first time that happened.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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