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Face Off: Lena Headey vs. Eva Green

03.03.2014by: Droz

It was Elizabeth Olsen over Emily Browning in last week's Face Off. I don't know, maybe I'm weird, but I don't see them as all that different from one another. They're the same age, same kind of careers. Maybe a little different physically, but that's not a bad thing. They both look pretty good to me.

We've got the much delayed sequel to 300 coming out this week, starring Lena Headey and Eva Green as heroine warriors on opposite sides in a battle between two great powers. Two hotties already set up as opponents? It's almost as though someone were doing my job for me. So are you with Sparta or Persia on this one? Rally round your banner of choice below.


I remember seeing Lena for probably the first time in 300 and thinking that she was way too beautiful for King Leonidas. Which is an interesting thought, considering all the tail Gerard Butler gets. Maybe it was the beard. Anyway, she's got one of the most beautiful faces out there - so beautiful it almost makes it tough to despise her character Cersei on Game of Thones. Almost.

Eva has one of those faces that can fluctuate. Sometimes she's got a bewitching look about her, which sources primarily from those expressive eyes of hers. Then there are other times when she has a scary vibe around her, bordering on crazed. Something tells me she isn't faking that radical shift in mood either. I'll bet she's quite a handful.


There's nothing wrong with Lena's body. If you saw her sex scene in the first 300, you're completely up-to-date on that issue. Never in a million years would I ever turn her down. This is just one of those in a perfect world occasions when the competition is just a little better, at least as far as my inclinations go.

What is it that makes Eva better for me? I could probably come up with a lot of little, minor things. But the primary reason are tits and how she's got a bigger set of them. I'm not as much of a boob guy as I used to be, but I still like them. And they come in handy when comparing two women with bodies I find highly desirable. So there you go.


Speaking of Cersei, I think that character is starting to have a negative impact on my appreciation for Lena. Give me Lena from 300 or The Sarah Connor Chronicles and I'm entirely on board with her. But since she's been on Got, I can't help but associate her with that wicked, back-stabbing bitch she plays. I guess that says something about her acting abilities. Maybe when I get a gander of Lena as the heroic widow leading her people to glory this week, it will snap me out of this GoT stupor I'm in now.

Eva's really good with that devious smile she's sporting in the pic above. I don't know about you, but that expression drives me nuts, especially when combined with her witchy eyes. The fact that she's topless doesn't hurt either. In fact, Eva's propensity for going topless is another key element in her superior hotness factor. She takes it off all the time and looks like she'd be rather crazy in the sack. That might not be the best recipe for relationships, but it does make her incredibly hot.


Lena's been around awhile, but most of her big time success has come in the last 7 or 8 years. 300 was perhaps her big debut as player in Hollywood, which she has followed up with a number of great roles, some of which I've already discussed. As much as I hate Cersei, Lena's expertly made her into one of the all time "woman you love to hate" characters. I just hope that doesn't typecast her before GoT is all said and done. Overall, I find the same amount to like and not like in Lena's CV as I do in Eva's.

I've gone on and on about how much I love her Vesper character from CASINO ROYALE. She's also got a number of other performances in TV and movies I've liked and a few I didn't like as much. I'm looking forward to a lot of stuff Eva has coming out in the months ahead. First comes this 300 sequel, then the SIN CITY sequel and also this Penny Dreadful show coming on in May, which looks like something right up Eva's alley. She's put out a lot of good stuff with more to come and I like the way she does what she does.


One of these days someone is going to figure out a way to make themselves look better than Eva in my eyes. But it's not this day. I love Lena a ton, but Eva is my choice yet again.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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