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Face Off: Lake Bell vs. Lizzy Caplan

05.12.2014by: Droz

Yvonne Strahovski beat Rose Byrne by a few votes in last week's Face Off. Felt a little funny to be voting for the blonde over the brunette. That's not like me. But the heart wants what it wants.

I've been wanting to feature Lake Bell in a Face Off for awhile, but I could never think of anyone to put up against her. Then I thought of Lizzy Caplan. These two are kind of similar in many ways. Career wise, you can find them both on the indie side of things, often doing a lot of smaller movies and shows with cult followings. They routinely go from dramas to comedies, big budget to indie, movies to TV. More importantly, they both get naked from time to time and look amazing doing it. So which one of these two unconventional hotties does it best for you? Show your choice some love below.


Some people have a problem with Lake's looks. There are probably a few reasons for why that might be. She doesn't have some of the softer features we tend to associate with women's faces. She's also another case where still photography doesn't do someone justice. When I see her on film, I have no problem with her looks. Anyway, I happen to like a unique face, but I can see why some might not.

Lizzy is yet another case where the eyes are the big draw for me. The rest of her is face is great, but I love how she communicates so much with her big, green eyes. Those eyes also have a sweetness about them, but Lizzy doesn't often play sweet characters. That gives her an interesting contrast. Or maybe a frustrating contradiction, depending on how you look at it. Or how she looks at you.


One of the best parts of my job is getting to see all kinds of hot bodies. Having seen so many, I think I can say with confidence that Lake's is probably one of the best overall bodies I've ever seen. There's not a thing about her that isn't just right in my eyes. She's full and flat in all the right places and in all the right ways. Bods just don't get much closer to perfection than hers.

I got no complaints about the body Lizzy owns. Clothed or unclothed, she's fantastic. She might be a little thinner than I usually like, but her proportions suit her and I've never had the inclination to be anything but turned on when she takes it off. She loses here only because of my fondness for what Lake brings in this category.


There are a lot of things about Lake that make her hot. She's funny, she's charming, talented and sexual. That's all good stuff to be sure. The one thing I like the most are her great magazine spreads. She does them from time to time and they're always events, thanks to great production values and, of course, the powerful visual appeal of her body. The girl simply knows how to be hot.

Lizzy also has an innate hotness about her that comes from many different sources besides her pretty face and hot body. She's intelligent with a biting wit. She can be playfully funny or fragile and vulnerable. Her many hot sex scenes are fantastic, but she's also good at bringing the sexy in her own assortment of magazine spreads. That all makes it hard to pick out a winner here, so I wont.


I've enjoyed pretty much everything I've seen from Lake over the years. I like the offbeat nature of her movies, such as her recent directorial effort with the movie IN A WORLD about a woman trying to break into the world of movie trailer voice overs. Probably my favorite thing she's done, or favorite thing in general for that matter, is the crazy [adult swim] comedy Children's Hospital, where she plays unorthodox doctor Cat Black who's just as goofy as she is hot. Good stuff all.

Never had anything but good things to say about Lizzy's work through the years. First came Freaks and Geeks years back, then movies like MEAN GIRLS and CLOVERFIELD. My favorite from her remains the unjustly cancelled Party Down. What a great show and a great cast, with Lizzy being one of the best parts. I think Lake deserves a little something more for her directorial efforts, but Lizzy's work is nothing to balk at.


Look at her up there. Holy shit, what a hottie. All the better that she's also talented and versatile, but it's hard to argue against what Lake's been blessed with by nature.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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