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Face Off: Krysten Ritter vs. Jaimie Alexander

05.09.2016by: Droz

Most people seemed to hope Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow would, if not defeat Elizabeth Olsen and her Scarlet Witch character, at least be the hotter of the two. Little did we know of a 3rd option, namely the two of them being relatively minor elements in the whole scheme of things in CIVIL WAR. That's one way to go. Wouldn't have been my way, had I any say in it, but whatever.

Marvel hotties are such a hot topic in more ways than one right now, so we're going for a second Face Off round with another pair of ass-kicking comic hotties. This time it's Krysten Ritter, who plays Jessica Jones on the Netflix series of the same name, against Jaimie Alexander, who you know as Lady Sif from the THOR universe. Of course, these two are known for more than Marvel stuff. Krysten has built up a loyal following for years on shows like Breaking Bad. Jaimie has a similar legacy, along with her hit NBC show Blindspot to brag about. Beyond the career stuff, both Krysten and Jaimie stand as two of the hottest raven-haired vixens around. So clearly they got the cred. Which dark damsel of the live action comic world is your choice?


Krysten has never been a traditional beauty, whatever that means to you. This is fine by me, since tradition has never been my thing. By not being the cookie-cutter style hottie, she's free to play or be whoever she wants. She can do the eye candy stuff when necessary, but also the unconventional stuff, like the sassy friend, or the offbeat neighbor, or the superhero detective with the dark past. I don't know about you, but her kind of variety is a lot more interesting than what's available for the more traditional beauty types.

Jaimie falls a little more into what might be considered mainstream beauty, but not so much so that she disappears in the hottie crowd. I love her beautiful hazel eyes in particular. Normal hazel is the most boring of eye colors, but her porcelain skin makes them pop in a great way. Then you got the other part of the mix setting these two apart from the rest - namely the jet black hair. In their line of work such hair is bordering on exotic, what with so many women scammed into the whole "blondes have more fun" thing. Jaimie herself has indulged in a little bleachy sacrilege herself, but we all know the color that serves her best.


From some angles it might seem like what Krysten has happening here is totally out of my sphere of interest, what with me being a fan of the rounder bodies and all. It's true, she's not particularly gifted in the boobs department, nor is she exploding with what I might call curves. Things do improve markedly when you swing around back of her. Skinny girls who still manage to have an ass are a fascination, mostly because they don't come along all that often. Some of them might even lament their extra helpings here, but I don't. Butts like Krysten's have fought the good fight to stay around. They should be honored.

Jaimie also enjoys a slim figure, made so by a reportedly extensive workout regimen. There was a time, back in her Kyle XY days, when she had a little more to her, but even then it's not like she was pushing the double digit dress sizes or anything. There were times in the past when Jaimie flirted with boniness, but in recent years she's leveled out into a more athletic form. Looking at her theoretically nude on her show, it's clear the girl has enough bod to please anyone. I got no complaints.


Krysten has all the looks and the bod one would need to be hot. But what really gets me going about her in this category is her presence. She has a quality about her, not easy to define but almost always present in both her acting gigs and in real life. It's the way she brings attitude to everything, complete with a sharp tongue and stinging wit. This runs rampant throughout Jessica Jones and most of the other things Krysten is in, probably because it's how she is in real life. Some might not get the appeal of this, but I like a woman who can challenge me on a smartass level.

Jaimie has plenty of that "in your face" attitude and an excess of the visual goodness as well. I look forward to just about anything new from her, be it a movie or a magazine spread or whatever, precisely because she usually delivers in this category. She has an adventuresome side which comes out in many ways. You've seen it before, like with that scandalous, see thru red carpet gown, or when she did a simulated full frontal thing right in the middle of Times Square for her show. It would be something to know just how far this side of Jaimie truly goes.


There was a point in both Krysten and Jaimie's careers when I was concerned for their futures. Not so much because I feared they might disappear from celebrity life altogether, but because it just felt like they were being unjustly ignored. Fortunately a little time and some good fortune has rectified this situation. Both now have their own hit series, which should earn them the industry clout they deserve. This pleases me, as the idea of a future with more Krysten and Jaimie in it sounds like a place I want to live in.



Feels like these two have more in common than not. That's how it feels to me anyway. Makes it too hard for me to decide, so I wont. I'd be just fine with either one.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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