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Face Off: Kristen Bell vs. Krysten Ritter

03.10.2014by: Droz

It was Eva Green by a smidgen over Lena Headey in last week's Face Off. That's a fair decision. One could argue that Eva isn't the most gorgeous woman on the planet, but few can deny her intensity. She makes me want to do all sorts of unspeakable things with her. Well, most of the ladies we feature around here do that, but she's one of the few who I imagine could give as well as she gets in such a situation.

The crowdfunded VERONICA MARS movie opens this week, starring a pair of Kristens. Well, one Kristen and one Krysten. Kristen Bell plays the titular high school detective come back for one more gumshoe gig during her high school reunion. Krysten Ritter plays Gia, one of her old friends and former client. While I can't honestly call myself a big Veronica Mars fan, I am a big fan of these two ladies. As different as they are from each other, they both have their own distinct appeal. Which Martian Kri(y)sten does everyone like more? Investigate and report your findings below.


Kristen is as cute as a button, with a charming smile and a generally sweet sense about her. She's very inviting in that way, but with all she has in the adorable area, she's kind of lacking in intensity. I wouldn't be so cruel as to call her looks boring. That's not fair nor is it accurate. She's adorable and nonthreatening, but also wanting for something more exotic like Krysten. I kind of like exotic.

Bit of a different situation with Krysten. In fact, she's pretty much the exact opposite as Kristen as far as beauty goes, being the dark and moody counterpoint to Kristen's blonde and bubbly. Being so unlike what some might describe as a traditional beauty makes her much more interesting to me. I enjoy how she so often has a smoldering sensibility about her. And that black hair on white skin is probably my favorite of her visual qualities. Very hot.


I don't see a whole lot of difference in the bodies these two ladies posess. Sure, Kristen beefed up a little recently following the birth of her kid, but she seems to have worked off most of that baby fat sufficient enough to look pretty much like her old self. At their best, they're both nicely put together, petite hotties. No complaints from me.

While being too thin is sometimes a pet peeve of mine as far as the hotties go, I don't think Krysten crosses into that territory. She is thin, yes, but there's just enough of a womanly curve to her various parts to keep her away from the adolescent boy shape some skinny girls have. And once again that porcelain skin does wonders for me. She glows with it. I don't exactly know why, but that's really hot.


I guess it's rather foolish and ultimately untrue to say that Kristen's attempts at seduction don't work on me. She's got a nice body and when she shows it off it's great to behold. I perceive that sort of thing as somewhat non-native to her though. I like Kristen the most when she's being cute and sweet. Sexy is fine when it's an ancillary part of the cute and sweet. Going too hard at it though, like in the picture above, doesn't suit her.

Krysten seems to have a knack for hotness. She's made those Bettie Page bangs, come hither stares and seemingly ever present expressions of seduction into the cornerstone of her public persona and much of her professional work. I don't know how much of it is true and how much is just a thing she does for appearances. All I can say is that it works for me.


Kristen has enjoyed leading lady status for some time now in a number of films and TV shows. She's got a devoted following of Veronica Mars fans and fans in general. She's a talented actress and continues to score wins, like the billion dollar haul she just helped net for her vocal work in FROZEN. That's a pretty good run so far.

I still mark Krysten's role in Breaking Bad as my favorite. Her character's brief time in Jesse's life helped take him from boneheaded criminal to the fleshed out, tragic figure we all came to know and love. She's done a whole lot of other stuff, much of it supporting work and a lot of it not really my thing. I do hope she sticks around though. I may not always be a fan of what she's in, but I am a fan of her.


In a choice between blondes and brunettes, it's not unusual for me to go with the brunette. But there's more to it than that. Kristen is cute and funny and hot, but Krysten is seductive, sexy and unique. I like both those combos, but I'm kind of partial to the latter one.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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