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Face Off: Katy Perry vs. Emily Ratajkowski

02.09.2015by: Droz

It was a pretty close one between Katharine McPhee and Odette Annable last week. However, I think Odette had a couple votes more than Katharine. Not a very definitive win though. More of a close shave.

All the hype about Katy Perry's big Super Bowl halftime show proved somewhat, well, over hyped. Katy, the music and all the spectacle were far less memorable than the immortal Left Shark not bringing his back up dancing A-game.

Not a big surprise they insisted in keeping it family friendly. As appealing as a Katy Perry wardrobe malfunction sounds to you and me, the prospect was probably making the NFL and CBS sweat profusely. Those halftime festivities, as relatively sterile as they were, at least put Katy front and center again. We haven't seen too much of her or her boobs lately, as she's been busy touring the world. Luckily we've had Emily Ratajkowski around to fill in for Katy in many respects. Like Katy, Emily has also recognized the power of boobies to help further one's career. Two sexy, dark-haired beauties with huge, prominent racks? Sounds like a Face Off. Which famously large-breasted babe makes you do an uncomfortable dance in your pants?


Katy has an old Hollywood look about her. Something about that porcelain skin and the ebony hair hearkens back to a whole other time. She's also kind of crazy, or at least her style is. She's got a fondness for flashy, with bright color and kitsch design. I used to chalk that up to a desperate need for attention, which might be so. It also makes her unique. Despite whatever craziness she might be sporting on stage, I've never seen her let it spoil her looks.

There are pieces of Emily's face I'm quite fond of. I like her lips and I love her eyes. She's got great skin and beautiful hair. Put it all together though and it's hit and miss sometimes. At the right angle, in the correct light, she's really beautiful. Then there are angles where she's not as great. Overall she's usually plenty pretty, with a few exceptions.


I would never make the implication that Katy has an unappealing or otherwise inferior body. Look at the woman. That's obviously not true. I got a list of of fine hotties I would give just about anything to see in the buff and Katy is right up at the top of it. I'm pretty sure the whole world has a list like that. If Katy plays second fiddle here, it's only because she's up against a model, with a model's body, sporting tits that rival Katy's.

I'm of the opinion that a good thing should be shared with the world. What's the point in dressing something wonderful up in tempting ways and yet never unwrapping it? Thankfully Emily seems to share my sentiments on that, which is why she has offered us so many unbelievably awesome opportunities to see what she's got. Even better is that she brings all those brilliant nude moments with some taste. Nothing tawdry. Just a perfect body in all it's splendor. I love it.


Even if Katy never takes it off, you still have to give extra points for her prowess at making with the hotness. Not only does she bring epic moments of super tight dress and maximum cleavage awesomeness, she does so as a vital and integral part of her career. It simply wouldn't be a Katy Perry music video or stage show or magazine cover without some sort of hotness element added to it. That's why she's the best.

This is a serious no-brainer. Look at most anything Emily does and you'll have all the evidence you need to confirm her hotness. Hell, she could just be standing there in street clothes against a blank wall and it would still be hot. With some women there's just a hotness implied. They don't even have to try. So goes it with Emily.


I'm rather dubious and somewhat dumbfounded over the idea that Katy has allegedly broken all sorts of longstanding album sales set by the likes of Michael Jackson and others. Sounds fishy to me. One can't dismiss how popular she is though. Katy's got folks of all ages singing along to her songs. That's helped make her something of a cultural phenomenon in her own time. Hard to top that kind of career success.

Right now I think Emily's biggest claim to fame is wearing sexy shit and sometimes not wearing anything. She's making a tentative move into acting, which might pan out. You never know. It wouldn't be the first time a former model made a horse race out of an acting career. Katy still has Emily solidly beat where success in her career is concerned.


Where the quality of famous tits are concerned, these two are dead even. However, when all things are considered, Katy comes out on top for me. Although I'd much rather she came on top of me.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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