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Face Off: Katy Perry vs. Ariel Winter

05.15.2017by: Droz

Ooookay, so ya'll pretty much disagreed with me entirely last week when you proclaimed Melissa Benoist far superior to Julianne Hough. I'd be lying if I said I didn't see that coming, but I stand by my choice. Julianne is a powerful hot woman.

Lots of attention being paid to Katy Perry lately. What else is new? Unfortunately for her, a lot of that attention is coming from people less than enthusiastic about her new hair. It's a radical change compared to the Katy we knew before, but then drawing attention with radical style changes has always been her style. Speaking of drawing attention, enter Ariel Winter, who's just as dedicated to turning heads her way. She even uses the same methods as Katy, namely copious amounts of T&A on display. Which busty T&A show is a must see for you?


I wont lie and say I'm cool with Katy's new look. But it's her head. She can do with it what she likes. Her ownership of this freedom is something she's proven time and again over the years. The good part is, hair grows back. One day soon I'm sure, Katy will reconnect with her raven-colored locks. I look forward to that, for in this configuration she's provided us with some truly amazing moments of beauty. Yet even with the chopped hair, she's still a beautiful woman.

Ariel is cute in a fresh-faced teen kind of way, but I tend to like a little time to pass in a hottie's life before I look at them as legitimately beautiful. There's still a lot of baby in her face, which are the remains of the child star she only recently left behind - so recently it's kind of hard not to focus on her adolescent remnants. A few years and a little seasoning should decide if Ariel earns the legitimate beauty prize.


There are certain select hotties whose body shows are particularly exciting when they happen. Katy's body is one of those. It has a way of becoming an event, sometimes without her even intending for it to do so. Her bountiful proportions make the imagination run wild, though I'm not sure why. There are plenty of women of a similar build who don't inspire nearly as much excitement when the clothes start to peel. There's more going on with her than a simple hot body.

If I had a problem with Ariel's body I wouldn't post pics of it a dozen times a week. I'm know there are some who have issues with her curvaceous frame, but there are many more who adore her for them. This one comes down to the question of who's curvaceous frame you like more. I have history appreciating Katy's bod. It surpasses many others in that respect.


There are plenty of reasons one can come up with to find either Katy or Ariel hot. The two categories above might be good enough reason for you. Maybe it's the way they so frequently put their hotness front and center in everything they do. It's all good as far as I'm concerned. One consideration I have with both these women is who they are outside of the sexy videos and massive cleavage shows. Is it all just a show? Or is it a reflection of who they are when the cameras aren't pointed their way? I like to believe it's all not just a put on and there truly is a real life sex machine in both these two.

← There. Also there. ↑


It's ironic I should give Katy my vote here, since I don't care much at all for her music. For me, the success of her career is almost entirely about what she gets up to as a hottie. Think about all the sexy videos, sexy magazine spreads, sexy vacation pics, sexy everything else. It's been a great ride thus far with her various exploits as a celeb and hottie. She's not done yet either. I foretell many more years of quality Katy content to come.

At 19, Ariel simply hasn't had the time to disseminate as much sexy content into the media as Katy, who has a decade lead on her there. Don't think Ariel isn't doing her best to close the gap though. Seems like every day brings a new set of pics featuring her with her tits and/or ass ready to pop out. Those are nice for certain, but eventually she's got to do something with the tits and ass besides testing the limits of how low a top can go or how high a pair of shorts can be cut off. Katy has made millions off her excellent T&A skills. Hard to argue with that kind of success.


You gotta hand it to Katy's crazy ass. She might go off the deep end sometimes, but there's never been a moment when most of us wouldn't gladly lose a limb for a night with her, goofy hair or not.

Just one man's opinion. Which one you got?


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