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Face Off: Katrina Bowden vs. Sara Jean Underwood

06.09.2014by: Droz

There were a few among you who gave some love to Emily Blunt amidst the strident pro-Kate Beckinsale voting block who turned out for last week's Face Off. However it was Kate who ultimately won, as expected. Not that I disagree with that choice. Kate might very well be the hottest woman alive, but I still think that between the two of them, Emily has the better profile overall, at least as far as the criteria we use here goes.

There was a time not so long ago when I used to get Katrina Bowden and Sara Jean Underwood mixed up. I think one could be forgiven for that. They do have a lot in common. They're both similar-looking petite blondes who seem to have made titillation the cornerstone of their careers. They're also both very good at what they do. But which of these two blonde babes are better at getting you off? Pick your pleasure below.


Most of the time the whole blonde thing doesn't do much for me, but in Katrina's case I have to admit that she is a nice little bright ray of adorable. With her beautiful eyes, cute smile and an overall sweet face, Katrina has a built in pleasant demeanor. I doubt there's anything being not blonde could do to improve on that.

Sara is more like what I think of when I picture the typical blonde, Playboy style hottie. She's not unattractive, but you can tell she has to work at it a little more than Katrina does. When not glamorized for whatever magazine she poses for, I suspect Sara is fairly ordinary. Cute, sure, but perhaps not as much of a jaw-dropper.


In this area I'd say Kat and Sara are fairly equally matched. While Sara's proportions might be a little fuller here and there, Kat matches her in overall body style and physical fitness. I can't think of any reason to think less of either one here. These two look good in just about any situation. The really great part is how often they continually demonstrate that point.

← There you go.


That about covers it. →

Look at them. They even pose in the same hot way and wear tiny little bikini bottoms in an equally sensuous manner. Sara might be known for getting naked somewhat more often than Katrina, but I don't think quantity necessarily negates quality here. These two are both well established hotties, one no more or less hot than the other.


I hesitate to give Katrina a win here. After all, it's not like her involvement with productions like NURSE 3D, SCARY MOVIE 5, MOVIE 43 or PIRANHA 3DD make her worthy of anything more than a sneer. She does have the one saving grace in that she was once a cast member on 30 Rock, which makes her a part of an Emmy and Golden Globe-winning cast. That's something.

Sara is also rather wanting for substantial content in her CV, but to an even more unimpressive degree than Katrina. Sure, I liked her hot geek vibe on the now defunct Attack of the Show. I'm also very fond of her various spreads in Playboy and other magazines. That's about it for her though, at least as far as career goes.


Two supremely hot women here, but only one can be a winner. I got no complaints about either one's body or talents as a hottie, but I'm more down with Katrina's looks. Kat's also got a smidgen more to boast about in her career column. So that makes her my choice.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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