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Face Off: Katie Holmes vs. Nicole Kidman

07.02.2012by: Droz

Your votes for the redheads blew the blondes out of their shallow water in last week's Face Off by a 5 to 1 margin. Can't say I find that surprising, as ya'll tend to give the redhead hotties extra love when we mention them. The crimson beauties might not have the biggest market share in the world as a whole, but they accrue significant interest 'round these parts.

Yet another Tom Cruise relationship has hit the skids, making this the 3rd time Tom has bombed with a marriage. What can we make of this? Is Tom's batshittery just too much to bear? Is he not as nice a guy in private as he appears to be in public? I honestly don't care. What matters to me is that his last two wives, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes, are world class hotties much desired by folks across the globe. Wouldn't expect anything less from a guy like Tom. But which former Cruise wife is the hotter? Let's see about it.


Honestly, I never understood why everyone was so nutty for Katie back in the day. She's always been a cutie, that's clear. That fresh-faced thing she had happening on Dawson's Creek was great, but there wasn't anything about her that seemed amazing enough to warrant all the hype she got. I always got her confused with the dozen or so other girls on TV at the time who looked just like her. Not the kind of thing that strikes me as stand out hottie potential.

I remember first seeing Nicole way back in the day when she first broke in the Australian movie BMX BANDITS. Even with the big redhead fro she had then and the general goofiness of that movie as a whole, I was instantly smitten with her. And it's stayed that way throughout the years. Despite her numerous bouts with Botox and frustrating insistence on bleaching her beatiful red hair blonde, I still adore her face.


Katie's always had a pretty hot little body. While I've never been sold on the hype her looks get, I can totally understand why folks have lusted after her body. Katie's getting on now, creeping up on her 35th birthday next year. Normally that doesn't mean much for many Hollywood hotties, who seem capable of hanging onto hotness well into their post menopausal years. However, Katie hasn't fared as well there. Having the kid, raising the kid and who knows what kind of effects life with Tom has on someone, have taken an unfortunate toll.

If there was anything that has made me more consistently fascinated with Nicole than her beauty, it's her body. She's always had a knock out body from the start and she still does. Long and lean with the world's cutest little ass, Nicole has been a true beauty from the start. Plus, she's never been shy about showing off how hot her body is. Even at 45, she can still make with the nude scenes and look great while doing it.


Katie seems like a pretty cool person. She's gives off a fun-loving vibe that's always nice to see in a woman. Not a lot of that stuck up, movie star attitude about her either. She seems like just a down to Earth, natural kind of person. Hopefully all the shit arising from her pending divorce proceedings doesn't sour that sweetness.

Something about Nicole has always seemed relatively distant or aloof. Not necessarily in an aggressive or antagonistic way. She just doesn't seem to show a lot of interest in being chummy with folks. She's got this very polished, practiced outer persona that doesn't radiate much warmth. She might very well be the sweetest person on Earth in private, but her public persona can swing toward the icy side.


Katie has had some winners in her time, but certainly not to the degree that Nicole has. She's also not quite the talent that Nicole is. Her career took a bit of nose dive once Tom came into her life. She went from BATMAN BEGINS to MAD MONEY and a ton of other forgettable shit. That is quite a tumble. Hopefully she can get back into more meaningful roles now.

Nicole has been a celebrated actress for 20 years now, consistently hitting it out of the box in most of the movies she does. A long time A-lister, I suppose it doesn't hurt that she always seems to get the best scripts to chose from. Still, she knows how to perform and she can fit herself into most any role. That's why she's got the Oscar.

Cruise Aftermath

Katie has only just announced her intentions to divorce, but she's already making a much better show of it than her counterpart here. From what I gather, Katie's basically had it with Tom's scientology shit. Good for her. Besides the cult insanity they promote, having her kid's baby daddy advocating said insanity as one of the top advocates of their cause, has got to be unsettling. I approve of her motives and actions, but I still gotta wonder why it's taken this long for her to wake up to the facts.

Nicole''s break with Tom was a little more troubled in that Tom was the one to leave, just after she miscarried with their baby. It's unknown if this was the reason Tom took off, but it certainly was bad timing. You'd think an asshole move like that would be a smack to the face, waking her up to the fact that this was not the best person to be with. Apparently Nicole was nonetheless rather distraught over the break up. Not to harp on the scientologists (even though they deserve it), but removal of cult nonsense from one's life isn't a bad thing. Quite the contrary. It's always a good thing.


While I admire Katie for taking the initiative and separating herself from the ill effects of corrupt pseudo-religions, I still have to give the prize to Nicole here. I've been smitten with her hottie qualities since forever and consistently impressed with her work as an actress. Katie's no slouch as a hottie either, yet I still find her a little too vanilla for my tastes. Plus, I was never that taken with her as an actress. They're both beautiful women though, who had to learn the hard way that it's probably better to stick with Tom the movie star than Tom the person.

You don't have to agree with me, though. Which is your favorite?
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