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Face Off: Katheryn Winnick vs. Isla Fisher

10.16.2017by: Droz

This week we've got the big special effects disaster movie GEOSTORM all set to destroy the world in an epic display of CGI artist overtime pay. Yeah, I'm not expecting much from that one. Although it does have the one virtue of starring the delicious Katheryn Winnick. All sorts of thoughts and feelings come to mind whenever talk of Katheryn comes up, one being the remarkable longevity she enjoys. Girl turns 40 in a couple months, but looks at least 10 years younger. You could say the same thing for the equally tasty-looking Isla Fisher, who consistently brings up all the same thoughts and feelings as Kat whenever I think of her. So now we got two women here, both enjoying an extended warranty on hotness. Which one has the long-lasting freshness you crave?


I really should pick one as the winner in this category, but they're both so beautiful in their own way. Katheryn has the Scandinavian blonde thing happening that's done so much good for her career. On the flip side you got Isla, who's Scottish roots couldn't be more obvious in that gorgeous red hair. I guess the problem for me is how the two of them bring out the best of what their individual beauty traits have to offer. Hard to say which one does perfect better.

← Preach!


The back catalog of both Katheryn and Isla's body shows are impressive sights to be sure. So much shapely body goodness in all that imagery it starts to get painful to look at after awhile. I'm going with Katheryn's body of hot body work mostly for the consistency of it. Girl has an uninterrupted streak of perfect body goodness going back years. The woman you see today is just as good as the one you saw 5 or 10 years ago. Maybe better. That deserves special praise.

Everyone wonders how a stunner like Isla ever wound up with Borat. How it happened is pretty much a mute point. The important part is after squeezing out 3 kids by the guy, she still looks great in a swimsuit. She's certainly better put together now than any woman I'll ever have. Between the two of them though, I have to give Katheryn the win here. That might be because she's never had kids. Were Isla similarly childless, this might be another tied up category.


I get the feeling hardly a moment passes in Kat's life when she isn't making a show of her hotness to someone. Such is the case for anyone with her kind of abilities there. Just check the above pic from her social media. You can see she's having a lot of fun being wanted and desired by anyone who lays eyes on her. I can see she gets a lot of fun out of life.

This one is just like the body category. We all know about Isla's capacity for hotness. It's all been well established in her movies and pics. Ever since she settled down, those moments have dwindled somewhat. Not an unheard of thing for women in a domestic situation, but it also makes the choice a little easier here.


Vikings remains one of Katheryn's biggest claims to fame thus far. Before that she made due with a variety of one off roles in all sorts of different movies and shows. Her shield maiden duties have since opened up all sorts of new doors to bigger roles. It nonetheless feels like Isla still has an advantage on her. Not a big one though.

You can understand why Isla gets the leading roles. She's funny, she's cute, she's sexy. Girl can do just about anything they need her to do. Her movies might not always be the best or the most successful, but those failures aren't her fault. It's just that Hollywood movies suck lately. Too bad they can't do better by Isla. She deserves it.


There are bigger, better known names than Katheryn's out there. Few of them can compete with her as a hottie. As a hottie, she puts women half her age to shame. For this reason alone I praise her mightily.

Just one man's opinion. Which one you got?


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