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Face Off: Katharine McPhee vs. Odette Annable

02.02.2015by: Droz

Hilary Duff seemed to be the better new MILF hottie compared to Blake Lively, at least where our last Face Off was concerned. I agree with that, but frankly I question the whole idea of celebrities reproducing in the first place. It never seems to go well for anyone involved.

I have a silly little problem with both Katharine McPhee and Odette Annable. I can never get their names right. Katharine has that damn second "a" in her name that always messes me up. As for Odette, I seem to prefer her maiden Yustman over her married name, despite the fact that she's gone by Annable for the last 5 years. But that's just my weird little thing. The two of them also star on a pair of over the top TV shows. Odette has her show Banshee, which is literal orgy of guns, explosions and sex. Meanwhile, Katharine has her show Scorpion, which also goes in some nutty directions with its concept of geniuses solving the world's problems. Of course, they're also both hot as hell. But which of these two hotties with the unique names and the crazy shows do you prefer?


My affection for Katharine is a relatively new thing for me. She's one of those hotties who I was aware of in a peripheral sense, but didn't have reason to fully admire until recently. She's plenty beautiful, though I like Kat just as much for being the cutie pie she is. I wont gush too much, as I'm still a little more fond of Odette in this category. Still, where adorable is concerned, Kat's got the votes all locked up.

If you think about it, we got the perfect introduction to Odette with CLOVERFIELD. All that shaky cam footage featuring close ups of her terrified yet gorgeous face, interspersed with selfie clips (back before they were called selfies) of her offering up adoring ovations of love and affection. What better way to make someone seem appealing? Not that such an approach was necessary. Odette would have been a stunner anyway.


This is my favorite picture of Katharine thus far. I just love it when ass cheeks are so full they start to squeeze out from beneath the edges of a bikini bottom like that. Kat's overall body is just fine, but as usual it's the butt where my affections really lie. Katharine sure does have a nice one.

Odette has a great body. She's of that long and lean variety of hottie for which I can usually find a modicum of appreciation. However, up against Odette's lean body is the magnificent ass Katharine is toting around behind her. That's a nice thought, actually. Kat's ass up against Odette's. Has a very REQUIEM FOR A DREAM quality about it. All that being said, as a self-confessed ass man, a choice between these two bodies is no choice at all for me.


Katharine seems like the fun, outgoing type. I always see her goofing off or otherwise keeping things fun when she's out and about or just hanging out on set. Not the sort to be uptight is she. That aspect of her personality, her awesome body, the cute face and a number of pics like the one above all make for a hottie I have zero troubles getting excited about.

There's an intriguing mix of Mediterranean and Latin roots in Odette's heritage that have helped make her the stunning woman she is. Even better is that she's not afraid to show off how stunning she is every once in a while. Unfortunately, I don't think she's ever done a full on nude scene. Neither has Katharine for that matter. However, Odette has come pretty close. Anyway, she looks amazing in a bikini. That's good enough.


I wouldn't call myself a rabid follower of either Katharine or Odette's career paths. I find Kat's work history a bit more limited than Odette's, which is understandable considering she got her start as an American Idol contestant who later set out to be an actor. However, where Idol contestants are concerned, I stand far more familiar with what Kat's been up to than any of the others from that show. That says something about her appeal, as I loathe most everything and everyone associated with American Idol.

People talking about Odette's career are fond of noting how she got her start as one of the annoying kids in KINDERGARTEN COP. Something of a pointless factoid in a column dedicated to analyzing her hotness, but I'll add it to the list of her memorable career moments anyway. She's done a few interesting things since then. I already mentioned CLOVERFIELD and Banshee, but there are a few others in there as well. That's not the most ringing endorsement ever, but it's good enough to earn her my vote.


I expected to go in the other direction on this one. Kat and her ass are awesome, but Odette is pretty damn hot as well. I'm a little surprised at myself for voting the way I did, but I have no regrets.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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