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Face Off: Kate Upton vs. Charlotte McKinney

05.18.2015by: Droz

It was a tie game between Linda Cardellini and Charlize Theron in last week's Face Off. I'm kind of surprised by that. I didn't know there was such a strong Linda lobby. Girl has clearly touched a few folks in a special way. Or they'd very much like her to touch them.

This is a Face Off that circumstance has already set up for us. It's clear that Kate Upton and Charlotte McKinney have a number of things in common. In fact, it could be argued that they're the same person, only on slightly different levels where career and fame are concerned. If there's a dividing line at all it's probably where notions of individual familiarity and sentiment are concerned. Do you like Kate's slightly more established rep as the big titty hottie? Or are you totally over her and all about Charlotte's new girl with the maximum rack thing? Select your favorite stacked supermodel below.


Kate has gotten shit for not being as beautiful as other models. I'll grant that she's not the typical model face you see in a lot of modelling things, but she's still plenty pretty in a girlfriend kind of way. I doubt anyone in any real world meeting could be anything but content to gaze at a face like Kate's. I like her looks even more when she cracks one of those sweet smiles she makes as she goofs off between shots. She's completely charming in those moments.

Charlotte's is one of those faces I like a whole lot more in motion. From some still angles she's a little different in the face - not anything ugly, just different. Her real charm comes out when she's allowed to flash those sweet eyes and of hers in real time. They are beautiful peepers, though a sadly overlooked feature of Charlotte that deserves more attention. That's not the first time a large-breasted lady has had trouble getting people to meet her eye.


Of all the criticism Kate gets, her body is probably the most common point of complaint. Again, one does have to put her bod in perspective. For your everyday banging or simple admiring needs, few would ever need more than what Kate has. However, where modelling is concerned, one does expect something a little more. I suspect Kate could hold her own in the body area with most models just fine, if she weren't so content to rest on her laurels.

Charlotte surpasses Kate by rocking a bod that not only wears a bikini well, but specifically needs to be in that style of beachwear. Kate is okay south of the boobs, but she can't compare to Charlotte, who doesn't really begin to shine until she's wearing as little as possible. If you can't get her ass and long legs and tight tummy and big tits bulging in the nude, you simply must take in a creature like Charlotte in a bikini or something similarly minimal. Nothing else will do.


I figured we should make a special boobs category here, as that's the true battleground where these two meet and trade salvos. There are many layers to great tits. Being big is good most of the time, but large tits have levels of greatness all their own. So what makes Kate's big ones better than Charlotte's? Hype, mostly. We were waiting longer to see what Kate was barely hiding under those wet t-shirts and fingertips. Teasing like that could have been the reason why those Fappening hackers risked their freedom to get a look at what Kate always manages to hide. I guess that means if you're a star and you want to keep hackers out of your phone pics, maybe you should show off those tits from time to time. Just a suggestion.

Charlotte follows Kate's playbook in many ways, including where tits are concerned. Charlotte's rack is actually bigger than Kate's and probably a lot nicer as well. I'd very much like to see her bring them out into the light of day. Unfortunately, like Kate, she's also keen on keeping them covered in some barely there way. Only Fappening style leaks allow one to see what she's got going on, which is predictably impressive. The silly part is that one could probably piece together the parts of her boobs Charlotte has already shown and get a complete titty picture. So why keep such beautiful things covered? Both of them should be overjoyed to set those boobs free. I know it would give me joy.


Regardless of how much Kate or Charlotte show or don't show, they remain two of the hottest women out there right now. Sure, you might find some others hotter. Maybe you prefer your women flat-chested and bald. You're gonna be in the minority there. If merely looking at them isn't good enough reason to believe that, consider all the money, work and attention their efforts here generate. There's gold in them thar hills. Being as similar as they are makes it hard and kind of unfair to single out one from the other, so I wont. If either one would care to prove their superiority here, by all means please do so.

← That.


The similarities continue with these two into the career category. Kate's journey has taken her from unknown young model, to internet sensation, to burger babe, to SI Swimsuit darling, to high profile fashion model, and finally to an attempt at an acting career. This is a well trodden path for sure, followed by many a hottie before Kate. Things are still up in the air as to whether Kate will be able to safely stand on this highest rung on her climb to the top, but do stand by for updates on her progress as we get them.

Charlotte is about a year or two behind Kate in the transition from unknown model to big star. If you look at their career progression as an obstacle course, then Charlotte has successfully negotiated the burger babe segment and is moving with all swiftness toward the fashion model darling stage. It remains to be seen if she can handle the big time ambitions Kate's shooting for. Acting chops she don't seem to got. She was treated with rather undue disrespect by the assholes on DWTS recently, but I liked how she brushed them off. She does seem determined, I'll give her that.


Kate's got the hype and the career progression advantage. Charlotte has the better body and a nicer rack. Right now that distribution of hotness is favoring Kate, but don't be surprised to see Charlotte nipping at her heels one day soon.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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