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Face Off: Kate Mara vs. Rooney Mara

01.07.2013by: Droz

It was a rare tie game in last week's Face Off between Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence. Looked like everyone was divided on Kate's mix of obvious sex appeal and ticking clock career, and Jennifer's obvious talent and "butterface" issues. It was a tough call, though I did manage to side with Kate. We tend to have at least one story on her in any given week, so I guess that means we really like her. Might not be the best way to make a choice, but it's better than a settling for a tie, which I hate to do. Much rather let you people tie it up.

This week we're talking about sisters. Pretty sure everyone has, at one time or another, been fascinated with the idea of hottie sisters. Maybe a girl you were dating had a hot sister. Or maybe the sisters are famous actresses like Kate Mara and Rooney Mara. Different in many respects and similar in others, the one thing these two share are a fantastic set of genes which have produced two gorgeous women. Now we must decide which Mara sister is the hottest. So let's see which sister is a keeper.


It's interesting how even though both these women are quite different, they still share certain features in common. Both of Irish and Italian origin, it seems like Kate got a bit more of the Irish genes, thus her lovely red hair. That's a big selling point for me, but Kate's also got certain something about her face that's speaking my language.

Rooney got more of the Italian side, which I also like. She's got great eyes and some of that red hair as well. I thought she was plenty beautiful enough to permanently enrapture the richest 20-something on the planet when I first saw her in THE SOCIAL NETWORK. Maybe it's that harsh transformation into Lizbeth Salander that's skewing my view, but she still falls a little short of her sister for me.


Kate might be different from her sister in the face, but their bodies are quite uncannily similar. Tough to make a call between them in this area and I don't think I'd want to. Kate's got a nice, tight little body on her that I can't find a thing to complain about. Pretty much a guaranteed winner here.

Call me a prude, but I hate a lot of tattoos and piercings on women. So it says a lot about the quality of Rooney's body that I was totally down for her in those DRAGON TATTOO nude scenes. Even covered with fake ink, girl was still freaking hot riding James Bond like a race horse.


Watching some of the interviews and talk show appearances Kate has done, I get the impression that Kate is a genuinely fun and flirty kind of woman. I tend to gravitate toward such women, for the obvious ego boosts they provide and the fact that they just tend to be a lot more personable and approachable. I like down-to-earth folks and Kate feels that way to me.

I get the impression that Rooney is more down-to-business than down-to-earth, at least as far as her public persona goes. She doesn't come across as mean or cold in any way. She seems perfectly sweet and nonthreatening. She's just not as "life of the party" as her sister. I wouldn't call that a bad thing, but in terms of personal preference, I like her sister's approach better.


It doesn't make any sense to me that Kate isn't a bigger star. She's such a cool girl, a capable actress and a definite hottie. She's been around for years and had a few promising opportunities as an actress, yet she's still often 30th man down on the casting list and is playing second fiddle to her younger sister. How did that happen? Shitty agents maybe, I don't know. Whatever it is, I don't like it.

Possessing one of those Hollywood dream roles has vaulted Rooney into the big times. With at least two more follow ups to DRAGON TATTOO in the works and probably a ton of stuff happening on the side as a result of landing that role, Rooney's future looks pretty good.


She might not be as successful or recognizable as her younger sister, but Kate Mara is still my Mara sister of choice. Hot, cute, redheaded, funny, charming - she's just about the perfect girl for me.

That's my choice. Which one do you like?


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