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Face Off: Kate Mara vs. Jessica Alba

08.03.2015by: Droz

No clear winner in last week's Face Off between Elizabeth Gillies and Victoria Justice. Not surprising that folks are divided into different groups, considering how different they are. Different or not, in the end they still manage to be hot in their own way.

This week Fox and Marvel take yet another stab at getting a new iteration of THE FANTASTIC 4 onto movie screens. As I recall, the first two films left bitter tastes in the mouths of comic fans. It's not yet clear yet how this one is going to fare. There are still a lot of hard feelings toward past efforts with this film franchise - many dashed expectations and lingering resentments toward the studios behind them. Even if the movies do suck, past and present TFF movies have done at least one thing right by choosing powerful sexy hotties for their Sue Storm character. Back in the day it was a young Jessica Alba running around with the invisible ass. Now we got Kate Mara taking over those transparent duties. Two beautiful Sues here, but which Storm is strong enough to blow you away?


Kate became a fascination for me right from the start. That red hair she used to have in long and curly abundance was just about the prettiest thing I've ever seen, except maybe for her little doe-eyed face. She had such a pleasant demeanor back in the day - one that's sadly been replaced by some kind of strange aloofness. Fortunately her new, distant attitude hasn't hurt her looks. Kate is still adorable.

The category below might be where many hold the most love for Jessica, but she's no slouch in looks either. In fact, I think I may have gotten caught up in her pretty face before that rocking body, way back in her Dark Angel days. So unbelievably gorgeous was she then. A decade and a half later, she's still gorgeous. Despite all the ups and downs she's had over the years, I've never gotten tired of looking at that face.


It was fantastic when House of Cards got Kate to strip down to pretty much nothing - something I had been waiting to see her do for a long time. Sure, we already had great views of her beautiful bod before then, but her time on that show confirmed what we pretty much already knew. I suppose Jessica's long history of genetic gifts in this area should probably still take precedence. I nonetheless eagerly anticipate any and all displays Kate chooses to make in this category.

A marriage, two kids and her mid-30s haven't been sufficient to put down Jessica's legendary body. I suspect it will be awhile before time and/or circumstance succeed in doing so. That longevity and ability to bounce back, combined with a positively iconic catalog of great body moments going back several years, make a real strong case for giving Jessica my vote here.


A few years back, I might have gone the other way with this. Not only was Kate physically hot back then, her energetic, playfully aggressive attitude was hot all by itself. I loved how easily Kate held her own with even the most alpha of males (a talent no doubt inherited from years growing up in a football family). Unfortunately, the aloof attitude I mentioned above has really started to bug me. I don't know how far beyond affectation that goes, but the fact that she feels it necessary to be that way at all only hurts her hotness for me. I wish she'd just relax and maybe crack a smile from time to time.

It's not like Jessica hasn't had her poor attitude episodes. I'm sure many still remember that MACHETE controversy, not to mention her irritating bouts of diarrhea mouth that for a time made her more of a public nuisance than a sex symbol. Fortunately Jessica has since learned to keep her opinions to herself and now seems to stick with roles she's comfortable with. She's also made sure to deliver some smokin' hot spreads a few times a year, just to keep us up-to-date on how well she still delivers in this category.


Only time will tell if Kate and a grittier approach can do better by the Sue Storm character than previous, gravitas lacking TFF movies of old? Where general acting skills are concerned, I'm hesitant to call either one of these two a powerhouse. Kate has neither hurt nor been of any special necessity to the stuff I've seen her in. She's competent, but not exactly irreplaceable. That's no high praise, but still better than my thoughts on Jessica.

I have to pat Jessica on the back for at least attempting to add a little intensity to her performance in the SIN CITY sequel. Unfortunately for Jess, they didn't give her much to work with there. Try as she might, I just don't think Jessica has the skills as an actress. Hey, some folks can act their asses off and some can't act their way out of a paper bag. It's not exactly a sin to be a part of the latter group there. Perhaps Jessica makes a better CEO. Her $200 million net worth seems to confirm that.


We shall find out soon enough if Kate's Sue Storm will please the Fantastic Four fans. We already know Jessica's didn't. General discontent aside, Jess's long history of getting sexy before a camera gives her a slight edge in the categories for me. Yet I doubt anyone could find anything but total bliss in either of these two.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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