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Face Off: Kate Hudson vs. Goldie Hawn

02.11.2013by: Droz

Controversies abounded in last week's Face Off between Gemma Arterton and Kelly Brook. Such a terrible thing for me to compare the profound glory of an acting career to a the lowly, shameful model. How can I prefer Kelly's work to Gemma's? Have you seen her portfolio? I'm sorry, but a Kelly Brook calendar beats shitty video game adaptations any day of the week. Whatever your opinion, the resulting vote was too close to call between Gemma and Kelly. That's a fitting tribute to their mutual hotness.

I've wanted to do a mother/daughter Face Off for awhile. Then again, how many guys haven't thought about doing a mother and daughter? There are plenty of hottie moms and daughters to choose from in Hollywood, but my two favorites are Kate Hudson and her mom Goldie Hawn. I'm a fan of both of them, so this should be a challenge, at least for me. Since Goldie's getting up there in years, we'll be fair here and compare them at relatively similar ages and conditions. So are you down with the MILF or the DILF? Make your choice below.


I don't know about you, but when thinking about Kate's beauty, my mind always goes back to that scene from ALMOST FAMOUS when she gives Russell that tearful smile. She was really amazing-looking in that movie. Women can have those moments when they take on angelic qualities in a man's eyes. Well that was Kate's moment to be an angel. We cover a lot of beautiful women on here, but rarely does beauty inspire me as much as hers did in that movie.

Goldie's face has always been a favorite as well. One of the things I love about these two is that you can totally see the mother/daughter connection right there in their faces. They have so many of the same qualities in their faces. They even share the same expressions, the same smile and everything. That being said, they do have their own distinct look despite their similarities. Kate's look simply outdoes her mom's here, but only by a smidgen.


The features Kate and her mom have in common are not limited to just their beauty. They also have very similar bodies. It's pretty uncanny really. For instance, they both have that excellent rear end with somewhat negligible boobs. Their tiny frames are also virtually identical, as are many other aspects of their bodies. Judging them both at the prime of their lives, the similarity between them means that I can't really call a winner in this one.

What was that kid's line from OVERBOARD? "She may have no tits, but she has a nice ass!" That about sums it up. Goldie was never the buxom beauty, but she made up for it with a pixie quality, shaking her beautiful, painted butt in those bikinis way back in the day on Laugh-in. That was an ass that held up well for multiple decades to follow, as did the rest of Goldie. Kate should take pride in those durable genes she's inherited. She's got potential for another 3 decades of hotness there. If only we could all be so genetically gifted.


Maybe it's a difference in eras, but Kate's time in the spotlight has given her quite the track record for hotness moments. That's not so evident in her films, but any image search will reveal plenty of hot photo spreads in a number of magazines over the years. Beyond that though, Kate's just got a sexier vibe for me.

I've come to identify Goldie with her comedic side over her hottie side. Not to say that women can't be hot and funny, but for me it's Goldie's funny and cute moments that stick with me more. Maybe that's because I was just a kid throughout most of her prime hottie period. I'd never question Goldie's hotness back in the day, but it's not the thing I remember most about her.


Another hottie mired in chick flick hell, to a degree where Kate is basically synonymous with that genre film making. It's at a point where the movies where she has attempted to branch out get lost amidst a tangle of relationships and family dramas. Sorry, I love Kate, but that's not my area.

It might be somewhat insulting to say, but I've grown up with Goldie's movies, as have many of you I'm sure. If it wasn't old episodes of Laugh-in on Nick at Nite, it was movies like THE SUGARLAND EXPRESS, SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES, WILDCATS or OVERBOARD. Those all bring back fond memories, which is why she wins in this category.


Had to go with the daughter here. That's not ageism. Kate's just racking up the points in beauty, body and hotness areas, which is guaranteed to make anyone the winner. Goldie will always be one of my favorites in some of those areas, but especially for her superior career. That's a fantastic hottie legacy right there, no matter the outcome.

That's my choice. Which one do you like?


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