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Face Off: Kate Hudson vs. Cameron Diaz

07.14.2014by: Droz

It was a mostly even split between Keri Russell and Jennifer Garner in last week's Face Off. You guys keep coming at these like I've got total dominion over who wins, when in reality my vote only counts as one, just like the rest of you. Sure, I get to blab on a bit more about my opinion, but those are the privileges of the job. You guys decide who wins a Face Off, just as with any democratic process. So if you disagree with me, vote!

Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson both have movies coming out this week. Cameron stars in SEX TAPE and Kate has WISH I WAS HERE. I view these two in a similar light, mostly because I'm more fond of their past exploits, both as actresses and hotties, than I am of what they do today. Thus some of the retro pictures I've placed amidst the various Face Off categories. That's not to suggest that I dislike either of these women now. I just kind of liked them more in the past. Does that sound mean? I can't help it. It's how I feel. How do you feel about these two hotties with hotter pasts? Wax nostalgic below.


Kate's best asset in my eyes is that mug of hers. She remixes the best parts inherited from her mom, Goldie Hawn, into a new arrangement, carrying on all of the family cuteness in that sweet smile. She's also one of the few who successfully overrides my distaste for blondes and actually comes across better blonde than any other color. That's no small thing for me.

I'm on the cusp of finding Cameron attractive, but there's something always keeping me just shy of getting there. It's my penchant for her looks from back in the day that are behind that issue. She was adorable when she first broke and stayed that way for most of the half decade or so that followed. Nowadays just looks too worked on. Quite a common tale.


Again it comes down to how nicely Kate echos her mom. I was enamored with Goldie's ass back in the day and Kate takes after her very nicely in this area. Kate looks after herself well in this area, preserving much of her fine ass body throughout her 15 or so years on the scene, minus any baby interruptions. No doubt we'll be admiring her assets here well past most folks' expiration dates, again, just like her mom.

Cameron also takes care of herself. A good example of this was her outstanding appearance in the recent BAD TEACHER and that car wash scene. I had mostly written her off as a hottie before then, but she came back strong in that one. It's a good thing Cameron keeps herself in shape, as this new movie features her first full fledged nude scene. Might have been better if she did that 10 or 15 years ago, but I'll take it.


There's not much validity in any argument against Kate's hotness. She is hot, but loses my vote only because she hasn't put quite as much time and energy into showing it off, at least when compared to Cameron's efforts. Too much sappy, romantic shit, not enough wet t-shirts. She needs to work on that.

Not matter what Cameron does or doesn't do for you, you can't deny the woman has put forth some effort into being all she can be in this category. With repeated sexy movie roles and tons of other stuff, she's made quite the campaign for her status here. It's a campaign that usually works, at least for me. She may not be my most lusted after hottie in all the world, but she is a hottie nonetheless.


What's the role you best remember Kate for? I'll bet the majority of you said ALMOST FAMOUS. That was what, 14 years ago? The stuff she's done since hasn't always been as memorable to me. She's making an effort to get back to something with a little more coolness potential with this new Zach Braff movie and all its crowdfunded hype. I hope she succeeds there, but for now I think Cameron's stuff has impressed me more.

Cameron started out mostly as eye candy in movies like THE MASK and THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY. Fortunately she had some good agents, because she was able to parlay the fame her sex appeal won her into more sophisticated work in movies like BEING JOHN MALKOVICH and GANGS OF NEW YORK. Since then she's built up quite a rep in Hollywood, which allows her to go back and forth between the sexy and sophisticated. The result is a lot more interesting stuff, at least to me.


I've gone full circle with both these ladies. Over the years I've liked them both in various things, sometimes even loved them. And I've loathed them in other things. Mixed experiences aside, I do think Cameron has been in some great movies and I appreciate her efforts at being a hottie. So that's where my vote goes.

Just one man's opinion. What are your thoughts?


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