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Face Off: Kate Beckinsale vs. Salma Hayek

12.17.2012by: Droz

A lot of you disagreed with my stance on Amanda Seyfried as the better hottie over Anne Hathaway in our last Face Off, giving Anne the winning vote by a 2 to 1 margin. Do I detect a smattering of Batman fanboy influence? Hey, I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't make you disagree with me sometimes. Anne is quite a beauty. I can't honestly disagree with your stance. Still, either one would be just fine with me.

How about we do another tough choice. Everyone's got a favorite MILF, don't we? These are the women who have managed to squeeze out a few pups yet still hang on to their hotness anyway. That's not always easy for the ladies to do, but today we got a couple of MILFs in competition, Kate Beckinsale and Salma Hayek, who have not only defied the ravages of motherhood multiple times, but also managed to be two of the world's most beautiful women while they were at it. So which world class MILF is the best?


Difficult call right off the bat. I like the look of both these ladies, but Kate's beauty is more my speed. I can't specifically point to one thing that does that over another. There's just something about the entirety of her face and the way all her features come together in her own unique way, that makes the hottie tuning fork in my mind ring true.

Salma is gorgeous and with most other women she'd have the advantage here, but that's Kate over there so we have to get a little more critical. If there's any criticism I can make about Salma, and I'm really having to dig here to find one, it's that I'm not a big fan of such a prominent, squared jawline on women. I like something a little softer. Salma almost always makes that work for her, but there are times when it has stood out more than I like. That's a paper thin gripe though.


Kate and her opponent here are quite different in terms of body shape. Kate is much more sleek and trim in her body style, though she embodies just about the best of what that kind of body can be. Normally such a compact body is not my ideal, but with someone so perfectly shaped as Kate, you got to give respect.

Salma has always been a much more curvier kind of woman, but like her competition, she has consistently been the best demonstration of how hot women with her body type can be. Given a choice, I typically gravitate more toward women like Salma, but both these ladies exemplify the best of their body style, so they get the tie vote.


I don't think anyone can argue that Kate doesn't put the hotness out there, nor that when she does, she brings it in spades. Still, that hotness is not quite as out there as Salma. Kate has had her moments in the past, but now that she's a mom she tends to be more reserved when in public or doing a photo spread. Not to suggest that Kate's a prude now. She's just not as inclined toward the kind of display her competition is.

Even if she's not always been comfortable showing her lovely body in some of the nude scenes she's done, Salma is still usually the sexy character in a lot of her movies. She's also fairly consistent with her heavy cleavage in most every appearance she gives. Clearly Salma's hotness is never far from the forefront in anything she does, which is a good enough reason to give her the hotness win.


Both Kate and Salma have had tremendous success at preserving their lovely bodies after birthing multiple kids. Motherhood conspires to stretch out and deform the female shape we love, but Kate doesn't look like she's suffered any of that and is fairing well at holding back the ravages of time as well. Even after years on the scene, she remains one of the hottest women alive.

Salma's ability to handle time and motherhood is even more impressive considering that she's got almost a decade on Kate and still looks great. Having two kids would tend to mangle many women, particularly women who have had them as late in life as Salma has. Yet she still has one hell of a knockout frame for a mom, for a 46-year-old woman and any woman for that matter.


I'm sure there will be some who disagree with me on this, but somebody's momma gotta win and Salma is my pick. It's a photo finish win though. Though they're different kinds of women they balance out pretty evenly. As far as MILFs go, you couldn't do much better than either one of these ladies.

That's my pick. Tell us which one you prefer below?


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